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    To create a new thread (topic) on a forum:

    1) Navigate to the appropriate forum/sub-fourm by clicking on Forum on the title bar, then into the appropriate sub-forum(s) until you see the + Post New Thread button part way down the page.

    2) Click on the + Post New Thread button

    3) Type a a title for your thread (topic) in the Title box.

    4) Click in the large box for the message and type in your message.

    5) If you want to add any attachments (files, pictures) to your post, then scroll down the page to the Additional Options box

    6) Click on the Manage Attachments button in the middle of that box

    7) The File Upload Manager will open

    8) At the bottom, in the Attachments box you will see (the) image(s) of all attachments in the post.

    9) Click the Add Files button at the upper right to add a file

    8) An upload box will open. Click the Select Files button at the bottom of that box

    9) Using the Select Files to upload box that opens, navigate on your computer to the file(s) you want to upload and Double-Click the file name
    10) If you are adding another file repeat steps 9 and 10, otherwise continue with step 12

    12) Click the Upload Files button and wait until the progress bar for the file(s) is/are complete

    13) When you are ready to add the file(s), Click the Done button at the lower right

    14) Now scroll down to the Submit New Thread button below the Additional Options box and Click the Submit New Thread button.


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