hooks along bottom edge of Hallmark caboose

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    In order to hopefully get more eyeballs to potentially answer my question, I'm posting this in the prototype caboose forum, as well.

    My Hallmark standard Frisco caboose has a row of hooks under the edge of each side. The Frisco side door caboose has the same hooks. A photo is attached so you can see them.

    Are these for storing chains? I would think poles for poling would be closer to the front of the train. It would be pretty inconvenient to retrieve a pole all the way at the back of the train.

    Any ideas?


    Paul Moore

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  2. William Jackson

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    The hooks are for Caboose Chains. During the time period the caboose carried long chains that would be used to chain two cars together in case a drawbar pulled out or to re-rail a car. They also carried a cable to pull other items. Back then a large rock could be moved or a tree. I used to run a D-7 for the railroad and the cables pulled me out of the mud that I was stuck in several times. We had a contractor stuck down close to Monett, the Roadmaster ask me to ride the local and pull him out. The guy laughed and said he would not be able to do it. I told the man that the engine would not even have to throttle up. After hooking up the engine pulled it out in Run-1. Short story, the Chain and Cables were valuable, back when train crews wore many hats. The Cable was about 2 5/8 inches with loops in both ends 25 ft long, the chain was about 1 inch links, hook in each end and 20 ft. Long. Sometimes used together.
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    Bill, that's great info--thanks a ton. What was the common configuration--a chain on one side and a cable on the other?

    Jim, thanks for the photo.

    Paul Moore
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    I believe the standard was one of each ( cable and chain ) and later on, they would be used for hanging retailing frogs. "UP", dare I mention the name, would hang two frogs one on each side, being's they are a left and right to the frogs. The crews learned very quick to throw off the "frogs, cable and chain and pull the train up. Throw the items on the last car on the track and ride back with the items needed to do the work. So they really didn't carry anything very far. Also a following train would be used to pull cars from the rear or rerail as needed. They cut off their cars on the siding or main and go light power Let's see about my memory, They carried Cable, Chain, 2 extra air hoses, one monkey wrench, a switch broom, some with a large crescent wrench. "These were generally stolen". Any body think of other items ?
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    Thanks for the info. I presume the broom was inside the caboose--not laying in the hooks.



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