Homebuilt caboose diagrams?

Discussion in 'Caboose Diagrams' started by friscomike, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. friscomike

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    Howdy folks,

    I have the diagram book purchased from the old Frisco Museum, but it does not have any of the home built caboose diagrams. Does anyone have access to them and would post them here in the appropriate series forum?

    I am especially interested in the PS-1 rebuilds.

    Best regards,
  2. craigh

    craigh Member

    hello mike i might be able to get something on the cabooses your looking for im going back to springfield on thurs. and i will see what i can do, also i have a question for you im at tyler tx today 4-14-09 and saw this (see pic) at the rail yard do you know what it might be? thanks

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  3. meteor910

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    That most likely is a covered bulk storage bin for some solid material that is just piled up but needs to be protected from the weather.

  4. friscomike

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    That would be great, thanks for looking.

    The structure appears to me like one of the maintenance facilities used to store winterizing materials such as salt and sand.

    Best regards,
  5. craigh

    craigh Member

    thanks guys for your help and i will get back to you on you caboose as soon as i find out something i should get back to you by fri or sat
  6. FriscoFriend

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    Mike is right on the money! These types of buildings are prevelant all over Kansas along the turnpike and they hold salt and chemicals for use in the winter. There are usually big maintenence dept. dump trucks lined up outside and a winch and rack where the salt spreader beds can be put on and taken off. The truck can actually back inside and be loaded and unloaded.
    Down in Texas they probably are used more for sand.

    The modern form of an igloo!

    Bob Hoover
  7. SLSF Freak

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    Hey guys -

    Bumping this up because I'm finalizing my version of a homebuilt and was wondering if there are diagrams/blueprints out there that I've missed? I've scoured numerous images and used ratios and PS1 dimensions but I don't think I could sleep if I was a couple feet off one way or the other - lol. Destined for N-Scale...

    Anyone out there able to help with a schematic with dimensions?

    Cheers -Mike
  8. Brad Slone

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    Probably won't help much, but I've been working on a set of cads that will probably end up in one of the magazines eventually.

    Brad Slone

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