HO scale SW7 SL-SF 300

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    Trying to get more used to posting new threads here. I am still learning the new software, and have a long was to go. Having kind of a hard time with it to be honest, finding my photos is a real pain, but sure it from my PC and not the site software.
    Been gathering parts for this for a while, it is Athearn blue box model, yep I also know other MFGR's have made them but, this is what I wanted. Made just a couple mods to this, namely the spark arrestors and brass horn and mount that I had to soldier together. Had to make the handrails, and added the center stanctions on the ends as well as the cross piece that goes across the bottom of them. Had to bend the cut bars too.
    Any ways here it is clean, one time LOL. I have an idea it wont be this way too long.

    Here is the prototype Photographed by George Cockle, now in the Archive.

    SW7 300 KC Area 9-78 by George Cockle.jpg

    And here is my waay to clean version,

    Thanks for stopping by.
  2. meteor910

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    Ah yes!

  3. tmfrisco

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    Great job of modeling, Tom. I must say that it is certainly cleaner than the SW7 (301) I ran switching the DX refinery.
  4. Coonskin

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    Nice! Can't way to see it all scuzzy!!
  5. Sirfoldalot

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  6. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the comments. Still waiting on some AMB Glazing for this thing. Other than that it is ready to go LOL, not he best puller I have ever had, but it moves cabooses around, spots the RIP's, sand and fuel cars just fine.:):)
    Thanks for stopping by,

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  7. meteor910

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    Looks like she has done some hard work since we saw her last!

    Well done Tom ..... as usual!


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