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    I've got some locos that don't really fit my layout, so I'm thinning the herd. I bought these Proto locos years ago, and they've been sitting on the shelf most of that time:
    • Proto 1000 F3A ATSF Freight Bonnet

    The loco is smooth running and pulls well. The box is a little worn and has some wear from being taped to another box, but the foam and cover are solid. The loco is not 100% accurate for ATSF (the real 201 was an F7, IIRC). Asking $40 + $12.50 SH
    • Proto 1000 Erie-Built KCS


    This loco has never been run--I pulled it out to make sure it worked and took pictures. It is very heavy and seems to run fine. It is a 6 axle loco, a bit shorter than an E unit. KCS used them for freight service, though the details were a little different.

    Asking $50 + $12.50 SH

    • Proto 2000 PA-1 Lehigh Valley
    IMG_1777.JPG IMG_1778.JPG IMG_1781.JPG

    OK, this one is odd. I bought this one at the same time as I bought my Frisco E8. My wife liked them because they were pretty. I ended up modeling the Frisco, so LH lost out. This one has barely been run. It doesn't seem to have a front coupler--the pilot door covers it--but one could be added if needed.

    Asking $90 + $12.50 SH

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