HO Scale Cherokee Interchange Switching Layout

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    Created the following for someone interested in a plan for an 18-inch by 6-ft switching layout. As we need more Frisco modelers out there, I submitted this for the request and also in the Micro/Small Layouts group on Facebook. It is based on an Sanborn map of Cherokee, KS from 1913.

    Plan is HO Scale, grid in plan is 6-inch divisions. Drawn in AnyRail 6, using #5 FastTrack turnouts from their database.

    Sanborn map:

    Additional Notes:

    • There was an interesting platform between the Parsons Sub and the Interchange to the Afton Sub, which is a nice modeling element.
    • The Long-Bell Lumber Company started in Columbus, KS, just to the south of Cherokee. I know that Weir City to the south-east had one of their lumber yards. I am making an assumption/tribute here.
    • The Roller-Mill is a nice complex with several spots. From the Sanborn map, it looks like it closed around this time period. I know that the Kelso Grain company moved to Pittsburg sometime in this period, maybe causing this closure.
    • The Afton Sub would have run North-South, but is angled here to save space and look as if it aligns to the interchange.
    • The station at Cherokee was a brick structure with a nice turret at the corner of the intersection.
    • A Bachmann 4-6-0 ten-wheeler with a 36-ft boxcar needs about 14-inches of clearance for switching from the ends. This plan provides about that much distance.
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    I like what you've come up with there. I don't see anything that needs changing
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    I like your layout design Bob!!! It matches pretty much with the real railhead map and that's why it's interesting. A lot of potential for the owner of the layout.
    Great job!!!

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    Yet another version of this layout. I am thinking about building as an add-on to the Crawford and Cherokee, or another stand-alone switching layout. This would be four sections, each 4 ft long.

    Cherokee Interchange - 2020-05-28-01-expanded.jpg

    I think this would be a nice layout for photography and model display.

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