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  1. Ironmountain

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    I’m wanting to build a 1522 and having trouble finding the champ decals. Does anyone have a set they would sell or know where to get any? Or does anyone have a brass 4-8-2 they would sell? Thanks.
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  2. klrwhizkid

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    The model that you would be looking for would be a Pacific Fast Mail (PFM) Toby Frisco 4-8-2. There is one at Brass Trains right now: https://brasstrains.com/Classic/Pro...ncisco-4-8-2-1524-Decent-Custom-1968-Run-TOBY that would only take a number decal set.
    Otherwise, a very clean unpainted model will go for around $600. Painted with a good paint and decal job will go for near or over $1000.

    Just be aware that most brass as it came from the manufacturers did not run well and would require someone with some experience or skill to get them tuned up to run decent.
  3. kenmc

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    I have a Toby model of 1522 that I am willing to sell. Now that I have Hudson number 1067 to pull my "Sunnyland," I need to reduce my roster a bit and raise some capital for G scale track (It's expensive!)

    This is a very unique model. I bought it new in 1968 in college by saving lunch money. Don Wirth customized it for me when the prototype 1522 restoration to operating condition was being considered. He changed the main driver set to Scullin discs, installed a can motor, chrome plated the cylinder heads, superdetailed everything that could be seen, then painted, decaled and finished it superbly with "first time on the road" very light weathering. Then he took it to the STSLSA board meeting and showed it, saying "This is what our engine will look like when it is done." It is a museum piece.

    The model has some running time on our layout and lots of posing for photos. It runs quietly and well, and it will pull a fairly long passenger train. You can see numerous photos in the HO models thread, "Camellia Park, Alabama."

    I am offering it to this group only, for the next five days through June 30 midnight. The highest offer by that time wins. Because I trust the integrity of you guys, I will send it to you and then you can send me a check in return. If you don't want it, I ask that you return it along with payment of my shipping/postage cost. Please contact me by email (do not use the private message option or forum thread) with an offer or questions at mymcelreath@ gmail.com.

    Ken McElreath
  4. klrwhizkid

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    This beautiful locomotive should bring a handsome price. The fact that Don Wirth put added his special touch to this locomotive (including the chrome plating of the cylinder heads, Scullin wheels and perfect weathering really sets this one apart.
    If I did not already have one, I'd be all in.
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  5. RogerRT

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    Who makes a set of Gold Delux decals for steam passenger locomotives??? I got a set from Champ but it didn't include the gold border stripes that went around the tender & the FRISCO on the cab...Roger
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  6. Karl

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    Champ sold the Doric stripes separately.
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  7. RogerRT

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    Any idea what name or number they would be ???
  8. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    The gold lettering is contained in set EH-263 and the Doric stripes are in S-39.


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