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    I bought the attached recently on eBay and am trying to learn more of the history of it.

    It's a small metal medallion only about 2" x 1" that is inscribed "Kansas City Terminal Fourth Quarter 1929". What's fascinating is that it's shaped like the Frisco coonskin.

    There are two small mounting holes which suggests that it might have been part of an award board of some kind in 1929. My first thought was that this might have been an award the KCT received for service or safety in the 4th quarter of 1929. FriscoFriend sagely thinks this is an award the SLSF Kansas City Terminal received (not the KCT Rwy.). Possibly something that was on a wall in Springfield at one time.

    Any thoughts?

    Jim Senese
    Claremore, Okla. IMG_1560.jpg
  2. Karl

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    The Frisco trackage on the Clinton Sub to Dodson and on the KC Sub to Rosedale was called the Kansas City Terminal (Subdivision) of the Frisco. This has nothing to do with the KCT RR.

    The Frisco Employee Magazine might be able to shed some light about he nature of this "award".
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    Really neat find, Jim. First thoughts are that maybe it was an award/recognition for safety or fewest damaged carloads? I should probably heed Karl's advice, though, and actually research in the FEMs.

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