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    Does anyone have an original document for Frisco's system standard Highway and Roadway Signs? It would be great if a high quality scan of the document could be added to the site for all to use.

    A photocopy was published in the FMIG issue #37, June 1983, pages 13 and 14. Unfortunately, the published photocopy is blurred and there is a loss of detail including dimensions, adopted date, etc. I suspect the blurring of this information is the result of a large document being reduced with the equipment technology at the time.

    The document is numbered A8184-540. Other similar documents may exist with different numbers, dates or amended dates. The key information we need is the indicated sign wording, spacing, font style, dimensions, colors and right of way placement notes.

    We might even be able to get someone with the skills to publish on this site or manufacture Frisco specific signs or decals for our modeling use. This signage includes keep off (no trespassing), station name boards for depots, blind station (free standing), approach, slow and stop signs for railroad junctions, etc.

    One favorite sign in particular helps establish the railroad and set the scene:

    Private Property
    Keep Off

    The top line was later amended to S.L.-S.F. RR

    Appreciate everyone's help! Remember to...

    Get it Going Frisco!

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    Hello Mark; I have the standard plan you are talking about in a high quality tiff image...too big to upload. The only way I can see to upload them so they can be read is to crop each sign with the details. Here is one of the sign you mentioned.

    Dale Slechta

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    Somewhere out here, Karl Brand has also shared images from a B&B handbook that has details on signage, mile markers, depot signs and such. I have printed copies but I can't seem to locate where it is.

    I'll do some further searching and if I locate it before you do, I'll put a link here.
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    I am hoping Dale Rush of Blair Line is watching this thread and will be able to produce some of the signs. (Hint Hint)
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    I don't have a complete set of standard plans, but I did have a couple that I thought might be of general interest to modelers. These are from one of my favorite eras, the late 1950's.

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    Railroad Crossings not protected by interlocker or block signals.

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  8. Would any of you guys know which Frisco towns were protected by Wig-Wag type signals. My Grandmother found a heck of a find today at a yard sale. She got me two old Signal lanterns. An old Frisco Handlantern. A set of caboose lights & finally the top assembly for a Wig-Wag crossing. I do not have these items yet she told me I will receive them for my birthday(Oct. 19th) & for Christmas. The Wig-Wag is mostly complete I just need a metal pole to put the Metal Cross buck and the swinging light mechanism on. These items are in prety good condition. She talked the owners down on them, yet she won't say what she payed for them All I know is that it was under $200.00 buck so I think this is good. All Items are atleast 40 years old & in good condition. I plan to acurately restore them and place them along a short segiment of track at my grandparents place. All Items have Frisco or ST.L&SF R.R. stamped into the metal on them. If anyone had any info on these It would really help in the restoration all the glass/lantern globess are in like perfect condition with little wear.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    In Cape Girardeau, there was a Wig-Wag signal at the Marquette Cement plant crossing. I know of no others personally.
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    Quoted from Wikipedia: the sole surviving US&S wigwag in service in the US is a two-position style in Joplin, Missouri on an ex-Frisco industrial spur...

    Does anyone have any additional information about this?
  11. Check this link for the US&S Wig-Wag. I don't see any other markings besides the FRISCO marked across the back of the banner on the top part of the one my grandma got. Maybe another rare example got partially presevered(thinking wishfully) Here is the link now that I've shut up http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/WIG_WAG_PAGE24.htm I hope this will help,
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    :) WOW - Fantastic find.
    My hat's off to you (and your grandmother), Murphy. :)
  13. Thanks the peices need little restoration. My grandpa has found an old peice of steel pipe to put the Wigwag on. The one my grandma got is not at all like the one in Joplin,MO this on is in a diamond shaped metal frame that set in the center of the pole. It also had a Cross Buck above it & a stop when flashing sign below(which is missing:() I kinda have a general question that is off topic now. Who would I contact on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad to sign up for the Volunteer conductor program. A friend told me that you could sign up and ride for free as a conductor on the train??? I hope I could find an original or replica sign for my wigwag. I already have an old cross buck to stick above it. I'm gonna legally try to get one of the old bells that usually sit on older crossings. The new electric ones are really annoying!!! Has anyone else gotten any railroad signals that can give me a tip on restoring them? If you have please come out with it.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    Several years ago there was a Wig Wag signal (Hwy 164) in Steele Mo. BNSF replaced it during late the 1990's.
  16. Thanks for the info on possible locations for this signal. I can't join any yahoo groups for some reason? My computer always says I'm not allowed to join these groups? I've been searching for replacement parts online. There was a little bit on Ebay & I found the site I listed above that also sells parts. I'm going over to my Grandparents place again today to visit & put up a fence. I'll look over the items really good today. I only got to glance at them yesterday for 10 minutes so maybe I'll notice something else. Thanks again for the info. Hopefully someday I'll know the origian of my new equipment.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    Post some photos, that would help.

    WF TX
  18. I've really, really been wanting to unforchanetly. I don't own a photo copier or a good computer to run one. I've been to my local libray and it dosn't have one either. The only one I can think of is the one at my school which students aren't allowed to use :(!!! Sometime if I can I may be able to have a friend help me. My friend puts up all my facebook photos so I'm sure he'll have something. I made a discovery over the weekend when getting a good look at the boxes of stuff my grandma got. I thought all of the items were Frisco it turns out I've found three odd items??? 1. A cotton belt hand lantern converted to electric for use in a caboose? 2. a New York Central Syste,ms lantern that wondered into the bunch. And 3.(the oddest) a big old target switch lantern dated 1917 with the Erie logo on the side and on the top of the lantern it has Frisco stamped into it. Did the SL-SF buy old Erie lanterns or vice-verrsa?????? I am amazed and a tad confussed on what I got here. I just think it is really cool stuff:)
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    nice pictures thanks for sharing
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    Here's a wig-wag from St. James in Apr of 1973

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