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    My name is Marion Wall. I share the same name in part as my grandfather, Marion Clifford Wall. He was the agent at Lepanto Arkansas. Of the many things I remember was how well he felt about his employment with ATSF. He mentioned that during hard times, they always had turkey on the table at Thanksgiving. As a child I remember getting on the train and riding it a little way down the tracks and walking back to the Depot.
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    Welcome Aboard, Marion!
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    Welcome to the Frisco website Marion!!!

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    Dah dit dah dit. The depot, beside being the Railway Express drop off/pickup point, it was the place telegrams were sent and received. Back then, that was a big thing.
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    Welcome to frisco.org!
  7. Marion,
    Welcome to frisco.org.
    Nice stories about ATSF.
    I am looking forward to your other railway stories and posts about your research.
    You will like frisco.org Marion.
    mountaincreekar, Charles
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    Welcome to the website!
    I received my employment notice with the airline from the telegraph officer at the SL-SW (Cotton Belt) depot in my hometown. He called the house to tell me to come pick up the telegram.
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