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Discussion in 'Bridges' started by FriscoCharlie, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. FriscoCharlie

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    An e-mail was received:

    Subsequently, the person e-mailed the attached images. Help is appreciated.

    25-81-U01SVStL&SFRR(Jerome).jpg UNID-SV-16FriscoRR(4Spans)(Caption).jpg UNID-SV-16FriscoRR(4Spans).jpg
  2. DanHyde

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    I think I see " ________ Gasconade Bridge", but not sure. An old Stereo image, for sure.
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  3. covbridges

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    It is possible that the bridge viewing down the axis is also the Jerome bridge, but even though it is the same truss style, it looked a bit longer and lower to the water to me. The reverse says: "Picnic at G_________ / Bridge" So it may say Gasconade, but I could only make the G match.
  4. covbridges

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    The bridge marked 56 also has 12 panels per span while the bridge known to be Gasconade at Jerome (the image looking at the side of the 3-span bridge) has 10 panels per Post Truss span. So, seems to be a different bridge. The 56 should give some idea on location, but I do not know the numbering scheme for the Frisco's bridges.

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