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  1. I am interested in SLSF history mainly centering around Wichita and Blackwell. Right now the focus is coming up w/ info on the switching of the old flour mill at Blackwell which closed in 2004. I would like to do a writing project about the mill and the rr switching associated there for the history museum in BW.
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    would you please consider submitting your article to The Meteor for publication when you have it done?
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    When I rode with a friend from Winfield to Blackwell on ex santa fe track we had to use a remnant of the frisco to spot cars at the old flour mill in Blackwell . From what he said the mill was a frisco served industry and the santa fe had no direct link to serve it . So we backed through the connecting track onto what remained of the old frisco line then began our switching.
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    Welcome aboard. I would also like to see your article.

  5. I remember the final days of operation of the ConAgra mill in 2004, smelled great.
    I think SKOL was still operating the line then. It was my favorite place in the world when I was 4-8 and my dad would take me there after school everyday to see a GP35 high hood that I named Mavis creep back and forth passed the Santa fe depot.

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