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  1. Hi, I'm Alan Stevenson. Born in Rolla in 1965 and still here.. LOL. I'm interested in building an HO set of Rolla to Newburg, possibly adding Ft Leonardwood. I am new to the MRR. I think the local club here meets once a month but not sure when. My dad James Stevenson was born in Newburg Mo in 1936 and knew several of the Local Engineers during his childhood.
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    Alan - Welcome to frisco.org. A good group, good people!
    I'm a MSM (yes, not UMR or MoS&T) grad from 1964. While at MSM, I became enamored with the SLSF, Cuba through Rolla, down to Newburg, to Bundy Jct, up the hill to Dixon. Never built the layout though. Retired now in Florida.
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    Alan, welcome from someone just up Highway 63 (Columbia). Lot of modelers here who know the area you want to model quite well.

    Best Regards,
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    Welcome to the Frisco website Alan!!!

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    Welcome Aboard, Alan!
  7. Alan,

    So ya like the same tracks so many of us do also.
    That is great.
    Let us know how your project is going.
    Also if ya are bumming along the tracks to get some ideas.
    It is a neat area to explore.

    Last year my granddaughter grad from Rolla #4 in her class
    so we will not be there anytime near
    Welcome to frisco.org Alan !

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    Welcome Alan. Several of us are modeling central MO. Brad Slone has even modeled Bunk House Trestle on the Ft. Wood RR, just south of Devils Elbow. Don Wirth is doing Newburg. My Annapolis layout (10% done when torn out) modeled St. Louis for east staging, then Newburg, Bundy (plus the Ft. Wood branch), Jerome, Franks, Dixon, Jury, Crocker, Sleeper, Lebanon, and to a very large staging yard representing Springfield. Ask and ye shall receive. MSM 1963. Proud to have graduated in the top 90% of that bunch.
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  9. Welcome Alan. My dad was born in Newburg in 1937. He’s a member here too. His whole family worked for the Frisco there.
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    My name is Steve Allen, and I live between Rolla and St. James; I work at Columbia College in Rolla.

    I am a member of the local club; we meet at the children's library at 6:30pm, second Monday of each month, so the next meeting will be May 13. We often have to choose a different location during the summer because of summary activities the library does for children.

    We'd be delighted to have you come by on the 13th!
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    Welcome to the group, it's good to have another member close by. If there is anything I can help you with let me know.

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    Just a reminder: the club's next meeting will be at the Children's Annex of the Rolla Public Library at 6:30 pm, Monday, May 13th.
  13. Hi Steve, I think I work on your Ac system for you?? A.M. Heating & Cooling.. I've been swamped lately.. Will try to make the August Meeting.
    Alan Stevenson
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    Oh, hey! Right! You guys even installed it. spiffy!

    I'll bet you are busy right now. Hope you can make it in August!
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    Just a reminder: the meeting will be next Monday (12th) at the Rolla Public Library Children's Annex.

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