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  1. Holly T.

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    I've lived in Peculiar, Missouri since 2013 and I'm very interested in the town's history, particularly the abandoned train tracks.

    If anyone can link me to threads regarding the area, that would be great. I'm especially interested in knowing the location where the depot was. I like to explore :)
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  2. Joe Lovett

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    Welcome to the Frisco website Holly!!!

    You are in the right website, there are several members that may be able to answer your questions, sadly I'm not able to help. I did a search and it directed me back to this thread.

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  3. Holly T.

    Holly T. Member

    Thanks Joe. I've been looking through some historical maps and it's been a challenge. I'll keep digging!
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  4. gjslsffan

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    Welcome Holly!
    I am sure there are people here that will help. Some really knowledgable and friendly folks on this site.
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  5. klrwhizkid

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    Holly, Welcome Aboard! One way to find information is the use of the Search function found at the upper right of any forum page. If you start at the main forum page by clicking on the Forums tab at the top of this page and then put Peculiar in the Search box and click the Search button, you will get a listing of all the posts or threads with peculiar (not necessarily just the town name) appearing in them.

    Here is the one that may be most valuable to you from that search: http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/peculiar-d-36-7.1270/ Note that Charles Brand's (Karl Brand's father) notes indicate the Main Line and the House Track (that ran behind the depot). This would help narrow down the position of the depot. Karl may be especially helpful due the volume of materials that he has on the Clinton Sub.
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  6. yardmaster

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    Welcome, Holly. I'll echo Keith's suggestion: any search results for Peculiar probably will lead to other sources, and other links and so on. Have fun,
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  7. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    My B&B records indicate that the first depot was built during 1883, but I believe that to be in error since that tracks were not put down until 1888. The original depot was a 20'-2" x 60'-1" combination structure. The waiting room was 19'-0 x 19'-5" and was located on the south(rr) end of the structure. The ticket office was 11'-0 x 23'-0, it was located in the middle of the building. The baggage and freight room was 19' x 27'-5", and was located on the north(rr) end of the depot. The depot was heated by stoves, and illumined by oil lamps. A privy and coal were located on the station grounds. Circa 1934-35, the Frisco engaged in a cost savings program, and several depots on the Highline were razed and replaced with modified boxcars, which served as station. I will get a more precise date for you.
    See https://thelibrary.org/lochist/frisco/depots/images/photos/p01223.jpg

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  8. Holly T.

    Holly T. Member

    Really interesting. By the notation of Broadway St., I should be able to narrow down the location (I hope). Thank you!
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  9. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter


    Here is the original-station diagram. It was razed during Nov. - Dec. 1933, and replaced by the boxcar depot structure. The last passenger train passed through Peculiar on May 28, 1954. Thereafter persons desiring to travel between Centropolis and Clinton were carried in the caboose of the local freight train. This "mixed" service lasted until 1967.

    The Frisco line that served Peculiar had several monikers, i.e., The Blair Line, The Highline, and the Clinton Subdivision of the Eastern Division. Searching the Frisco website with these strings will provide you with more info about the line that passed through Peculiar. There are also Public Timetables (PTT) and Employee Timetables (ETT) posted on this site. They will provide more information about the trains that served your community.
  10. yardmaster

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  11. Holly T.

    Holly T. Member

    Thank you so much! I love the old photos, even if they are grainy.
  12. Holly T.

    Holly T. Member

    Using Google earth, I think I have pinpointed what I'm looking for. This is the exact spot of the Peculiar depot. Time to explore!

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