Has the OMI NScale Brass Texas special train streamliner passenger car been released?

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Japanese FRISCO railfan, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. I have been running NScale OMI Brass EA7 (2000 2003) in the picture for the first time in a while.
    I think I bought it about 20 years ago.
    It's embarrassing, but I only own a locomotive, and I don't own a Streamliner passenger car.
    At that time, did OMI also release NScale's Brass Texas Special streamliner passenger car?

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  3. Mr. Windsor Spring, thank you very much for the wonderful information.
    I learned about the manufacturer of the Rail Smith Model for the first time.
    I think that the passenger car does not have to be Brass.
    I also learned that the FRISCO MKT carriages were sold out quite a bit.
    Thank you for letting me know that there are some things that are impossible to sell in Japan.
    It's embarrassing, but NScale owns only two of these E7AAs.
    I'm thinking of studying and looking into it.
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