Hanging around Newburg in 1943

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  1. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    I've been getting some requests to take some photos of engines around the engine terminal and yards, so am starting to take a few random shots.
    I want to shoot roster shots of everything before I finish too, for my collection and spreadsheet.
    I apologize for the sky and background in these. One of these days...........................wish I had done the ceiling. I have can lights temporarily placed with cords and plugs now, but when I get further along, will put them permanently in place and hard wire them. I'm using CFLs in them.

    19.jpg 184.jpg 1050.jpg 1350.jpg 1402.jpg 1522.jpg 4101.jpg 4421.jpg 4503.jpg Coal Chute.jpg
  2. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    You can only click on the "like" button once. :)
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  3. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    You should hear the place when the power is on, and all the locomotives are emitting sound. It's pretty awesome stuff. The only thing missing are the smells of coal and oil smoke, hot grease, and steam.
  4. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Newburg was a good place to hide, Grandpa used to talk to me about riding the steamers, when one was having trouble. They used to send a boilermaker on the trip to fix anything that happened. Also to fix one that crapped out! Neat stories. He rode them day and night, to keep them running. Springfield to Newburg
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  5. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Don - Was the 19 the spot engine you had down at the Houston House in Newburg years ago when we all met there and a guy came over and picked it up to take a closer look at it?

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  6. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    Yep, it was the 19. It has a sister, the 40, now.
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  7. Larry F.

    Larry F. Member

    Is superb too strong an adjective? That is some seriously fine modeling!! I am duly impressed. Larry F.
  8. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Unsurpassed collection of beautiful Frisco steam locomotives and that roundhouse is impressive. I especially like the photo of #184 since I'm a big fan of the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. Your photos are also well done.
  9. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    If I remember correctly, 19 and 40 were the two spot engines that were both helpers on Rolla and Dixon Hills, plus served the Ft Wood branch later, correct? I can't imagine these two big behemoths on the curvy, hilly Ft Wood branch. Had to be quite a spectacle! Are there any pics of the spots operating on the Ft Wood line?

  10. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Wow. Just wow.

    Never have I seen so many Frisco steam engine models in one collection!!!
  11. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Just crazy modeling there, what talent and craftsmanship. I am so glad you model the Frisco. I like the looks of the Triple F decal, really looks good on that big tender.
  12. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    Frankly, I've always thought that smell should/could be a modelable element. Occasionally, I'll catch a whiff of grease and oil that - in the right combinations - puts me back in my grandfather's hanger in Sikeston, alongside his 1948 Stinson 108 Series "Flying Station Wagon."

    At any rate, Don, it's a fabulous view. Looks like you've represented nearly ever class of locomotive for 1943. Since we're listing favorites, I'll go for 4421. Always have liked the 4300 and 4400-class Mountains and the story behind them.

    This also reminds me to paint my Tichy water columns silver/pewter - that seems to be a uniquely Frisco touch.

    Best Regards,
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  13. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    With the yellow coonskin.
    Onion soup will give a nice coal smoke imitation after you process it.
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  14. U-3-b

    U-3-b Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Don, those are absolutely fantastic!
  15. mike_newton

    mike_newton Member

    Just incredible!!
  16. Lovely isn't a word used too much in railroading. But these scenes sure are lovely! Did I hear correctly they have sound as well? Ahh to see and hear that!
  17. w3hodoug

    w3hodoug 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Thanks for avoiding helicopter shots. We can live with the unfinished ceiling.
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  18. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    Looking at these again and noticed a couple of things I haven't noticed before.

    Foremost is the fuel oil column in the photo with 1050. I'm not sure I've seen any Frisco prototype drawings of these - anyone have any? I'm also curious about the bucket hanging on the end, presumably to catch the errant drops of fuel oil and make sure they find their way into the locomotive's oil bunker?

    Best Regards,
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  19. gstout

    gstout Member Frisco.org Supporter

    These models are superb. Enough to almost make me wish I liked steam.

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  20. TAG1014

    TAG1014 Frisco.org Supporter Frisco.org Supporter

    These pictures (and hopefully many more) richly deserve to be in a THICK book or album, or in the very least featured in one of the model magazines!

    Tom G.

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