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Discussion in '4-8-4 Northern' started by skyraider, Jan 26, 2018.

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    I bought one of mine off of eBay YEARS ago. It had a fair paint job, but was missing some of the FFF decal off of the tender. Got it for a good price because it was "modified".

    The unique thing about this engine was that the previous owner has installed a big can motor, and filled the boiler with a low temp alloy that made the engine weigh in at a pound or two. It pulled 245 weighted cars around the club layout one evening. Only another's member DD40 would do the same.
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    Paul Moore aka skyraider:

    Would the "Paul" of whom you refer be Paul Moon of Little Rock? Bill and Paul Moon were very good friends. I knew Bill, and back in the late 1980s he visited my Frisco-based layout when I lived in Huntsville, AR, but I never met Paul Moon. However, I've heard of all of that crew as well as heard about some of their antics through another mutual friend of Bill's and Paul Moon's: David McDonald of Fort Smith. David is now 86. I got to spend some time with David this past Christmas vacation.

    My elder friends are slowly leaving me and I'm not amused.

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    Hi Andre,

    Yes, it was Paul Moon. Paul, Bill Sprenger, Jack Hutchens and I got together every year for about six years at the December OK City swap meet and swapped trains (Sprenger called them "choo choo's), ate dinner together, and laughed a lot. I traded (or sold--can't remember which--Bill a pair of super detailed and custom painted Atlas RSD 4/5's painted for ATSF Zebra stripe, three detail associates drop bottom gons I built and painted, and a Sunset ATSF Mike that a friend and I super detailed, weighted and painted. The Mike would pull over 50 cars by itself on our club layout in the DFW area (the layout was like north central TX-- flat).

    About five years ago I started bugging Bill to sell them back to me (I figured as many trains as he had, he couldn't possibly miss them). He always said, "Nope. Those are on my layout." Who knows where they are now that Dan Glasure bought the collection.

    Paul Moon mostly sold memorabilia, plates and china, that kind of stuff at his table.

    About the year 2000 I quit going to OK City. My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs. But the real reason, now that i think about it, was that there were just too many of what I called the roving professional dealers. The individuals with tables where you found the really interesting stuff were dwindling.

    Paul Moore
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    A year and nine months later, the Frisco HO scale Hallmark 4500 model is nearly done. Thanks for the decals, Don. One more question before applying decals. Even though the tender is incorrect (way too long), if you were doing the coal version with the FFF lettering, which number would you use? From what I can see, it comes the closest to 4503 through 4514, but I may be completely wrong.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Paul Moore
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    With the Baldwin Disk drivers, it would be 4503-4514. 4515 and up had Box Pok drivers.
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    Thanks so much for the confirmation. The model has other glaring weaknesses, but at least we're getting as close as we can. Before posting the question I looked at the prototype stuff on this site regarding the 4500's. Thanks for your input and Karl's concerning the black cab roof. Mine would have been red had it not been for your clarification!!

    Many thanks,

    Paul Moore
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    Just to muddy the waters a bit, Jeff Cooney has posted on Facebook a color pic of the 4519 in the Hungerford livery. She has a red cab roof.
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    That's alright. It sounds like the majority had black cab roofs, and mine's being painted FFF, not Hungerford. Decided on 4505 for the number. Anyone going to great extremes to simplify paint schemes and who has Hunger in his name isn't anyone I'm modeling!!!!!!!!

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    Don, Karl, and anyone else who contributed,

    Thanks for your input. My friend who painted this model took a job driving trucks over the road. As a result, it took over two years to get the 4500 back. That's ok...you've got to feed your family.

    The model came out really nice---he did a great job on the paint, light installation and coal load. Due to the time it took, he only charged me $125 for everything, plus he delivered it to me. The photos aren't great, but they're the best I have for now. Soon I'll take some better photos and upload them.

    Thanks again!!

    Paul Moore IMG_3524 copy.jpg IMG_3525 copy.jpg

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