GSC Drop Deck Flat #3900 build

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    OK, so I have spent about 3 months helping a young fellow develop this car (3D print), I gotta say every day I am here/ alive, I seem to get further behind on a progress scale.
    Today I got primer on the parts, to bring this project to a hopeful desired conclusion.
    You have probably/maybe/hopefully followed another post on the design of this 3D print.
    I am transitioning to a build thread. First of all. Shapeways was maybe inspired, also motivated with my data inspired complaints about warping, another car has been offered at no cost., with the caption,"we want to get this right". As they have every image and copied post thus far.
    Anyways, here are a few images of the project. The plastic printed car will need a load unless it is a static display.
    First up is the transformer, it is cored (as purchased) and has lead weights added (4.5oz). An old bottle of Floquil Zinc Chromate Primer was used for the Transformer (Grey) and trucks (Black). I did modify the lifting lugs on the transformer to use DA 1102. I am in contact with the designer to modify his print, as the lift type lugs, as designed seemed in-adequate.


    The other side. 20190906_215151.jpg

    The trucks, other one was way out of focus, also in primer.

    The car primed with Tamiya White primer, the car will be painted with Model Master Insignia Yellow, a flat color for coverage and a generous coat of gloss later for decals. All the images I could find, and there are VERY few shows the lumber on the ends to be painted Yellow, meaning they were in-place before the Frisco shops painted the car. These cars were home built, from GSC (General Steel Castings) kits.

    Left the stem winder staffs long on both ends, till the end.
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    Looking good, Tom.

    You sure have some interesting stuff running about your layout.

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    Prototype photo?
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