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Discussion in 'General' started by DanHyde, May 10, 2009.

  1. gjslsffan

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    I ordered some decals from Herald King just a couple weeks ago, they had everything I wanted in stock, (private covered hopper and boxcars). They were very easy to deal with for me. Got the items quickly and packaged well.
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    Remember now, none of the 23 Racehorse E-units were birds! Many race horses versus zero birds in the E-unit fleet.

  3. friscochoctaw

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    So, for Microscale, they still have a supply of HO decals for the E-units, but no more N-scale. I had emailed them several weeks ago asking if they were planning to restock/reprint anymore of them and they never replied. Herald Kings does not make N-scale decals, so that is not of much help to me except to buy a set and have a custom supplier scale them down, but I suspect this would be a big copyright no-no!
    I originally intended to model the "Dan Patch" as it remained in basically the original "Red Horse scheme" (red and gold) - yes, I just coined a new nickname to resolve the Race Horse/Red Bird debacle - until its exit from the Frisco roster. I have resolved to model the "Ranger" as the set of N-scale Microscale decals has that name and it remained in the red and gold until it received the austere paint in 1964.

    Frisco in N-scale is becoming increasingly hard to find these days, but my dad got me into it by virtue of module availability in our local club.

    Does anybody have a recommendation of a single shade of red paint to mimic the DuPont Duco Red 254-30199 on the E-units?

    John C.
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    Can't remember where I saw it, but someone recommended Model Master Insignia Red. Haven't tried it yet, though.
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    Nice to know! I was looking at Scale Coat’s CB&Q Chinese Red. I will go look at that now.
  6. gna

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    Are you airbrushing? Solvent or acrylic?
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    I’m air brushing. I don’t have a preference of solvent vs. acrylic. I’m still in the learning phase, but so far I like them both - I have only used Model Master and Tru Color, though.

    I select the type of paint based solely on reports of being true to color and/or accurate to prototype. I do not cross them over on the same model nor mix them together.

    I have decided to go with the suggestion of Model Master’s Insignia Red as it appears to be not quite as bright and have a slightly more Crimson hue which matches my image of the Red Horses and would be a little closer to color used on Life-Like’s E8’s. I will be pairing the E7 kitbash with LL’s Citation and would like the colors to be related, but not exactly a perfect match as the era I’m modeling is in the middle-to-end of their lives and these loco’s stayed in the red and gold scheme well into the Sixties. At another date (when I can figure out how to to do the austere cigar band), I intend to do an E8 and F7 in the simplified scheme.
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