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Discussion in 'General' started by DanHyde, May 10, 2009.

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    Hi guys,
    I was surfing last night and came upon a website of down-loadable railroad fonts, and, you guessed it- our favorite is there. There are 2 of them. 1 is called Eurida, and the other Texspec. I downloaded them and started playing. Any size, any color! While the first efforts were not quite exact color matches, a little tweaking should do it. Just type in
    railsimstuff into your browser. You have to download it to view it, but they look great!:)
    I have attached a copy of some of my play- I also did different colors. The number after the name is the size of the font on my computer- for my reference. Looks like G scale just got a bit easier!

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  2. friscomike

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    Terrific. I've been looking for these fonts for quite a while. Thanks! Best regards, mike
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    whats the website?????
  4. klrwhizkid

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    The site is The fonts are attached to this message. After downloading, Go to Control Panel, Fonts, File, Install New Font, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the font into and select the font to install.

    The ErieRoman font is not quite accurate if you're counting rivets but neophytes won't know any better.

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    Re: Great find for lettering - Fonts

    Here is another addition to the stable of fonts. This one is a good mimic for the script fonts used on Frisco Maintenance of Way equipment, especially cranes.

    In order to install a font on your Windows computer follow these steps after saving the font zip file to an easy to find location on your computer.

    A) Go to that location in the computer.
    B) Right-click on the zip file and select Extract All.
    C) follow the prompts and the font file will be extracted into a folder named after the font.

    Then click:

    1) Start
    2) Control Panel
    3) Fonts
    4) File
    5) Install new font
    6) navigate to the location the font was download to
    7) select the font
    8) Click OK

    That's all there is to it. You can now print text in that font to your heart's delight.

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  7. wmrx

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    Thanks for the research and the installation tutorial. It is greatly appreciated.
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  9. FriscoCharlie

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    Note my signature image as an example. :)
  10. pwillard

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    I do have a new font up on the website for doing FRISCO hoppers.
  11. klrwhizkid

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    Where is it?
  12. friscochoctaw

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  13. friscochoctaw

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    I’m trying to find the lettering for the horse names on the E-units. Does have anybody know of a resource off the top?
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  14. meteor910

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    Both Microscale and Herald King had nice sets of decals for the E's. I used several of the herald King sets. Between the two suppliers, they had all, or almost all, of the 24 name sets (SLSF 2022 had two names).
    I might still have a few sets in my decal vault. Did I hear Microscale no longer stocks these? I also thought Herald King stuff was still available.
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  15. mark

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    Please see the Herald King web site at

    Go to the Locomotives section, page L21. The famous horse (commonly incorrectly referred to as "racehorse") sets for the Frisco are the following stock numbers.

    L-463 (metallic gold lettering and stripes),
    L-463A (white outlines only - for use with set L463), and
    L-464 (yellow lettering and stripes).

    Of the 24 famous horse names used by the Frisco on the 23 road passenger E-unit locomotives, only 16 of the 24 were named for racehorses. Eight (8) units (1/3 of the total) were named for other famous horses. These included Ranger (2001), Comanche (2002), Steel Dust (2003), Dan Patch (2004), Winchester (2005), Traveler (2006), Truxton (2014) and Champion (2022). These were applied to five EA7 (2001-2005) and three E8A units (2006, 2014 and 2022).

    Famous names, other than racehorse names, from a fleet model type perspective represents 83.3% of the EA7 units and 17.6% of the E8A units.

    Hope this helps.


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  16. Coonskin

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    Mark said this about the Frisco E unit fleet:

    "...commonly incorrectly referred to as 'racehorse'..."

    Point taken and the knowledge conveyed accepted as factual.

    That said...

    70 feet of locomotive comprising of 110+ tons of steel with 2000+ HP, geared to run 85 MPH and painted bright fire engine red... will always be affectionately known as the Frisco's "Racehorses" to this long time Friscophile.


    Andre "Past Fixin' " Ming
  17. meteor910

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    We have had this debate before, and there is no winner. It depends on geography.

    "Racehorse", the name I have always heard and always use, is the favored name in the St Louis area, home of the SLSF HQ, and as well along the Eastern Division. "Red Bird" is the name used by many out along the system. Also a good name - I'm surprised it did not gain favor in St Louis given the name Cardinals for our our #2 in World Series wins baseball team in the "Lou". I don't know why two fan names surfaced for our beloved 23-unit E7/E8 team for the Frisco passenger fleet.

    It doesn't matter - they were terrific, beloved passenger units. I miss them very much. Big Red, SLSF 2020, has to be the all-time favorite, though I am also a fan of SLSF 2016, Citation, and SLSF 2013, Sea Biscuit.

    Which units do others of you favor from the E-roster?

  18. gna

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    Hey, Dan Patch was a racehorse, as was Messenger. I like Whirlaway and Citation as names.
  19. 2010 Count fleet is my favorite. That is the unit on the head end of the train my grandpa was assigned to when he passed away.
  20. The Herald King does have a website and catalog online. But I have not ordered from the site. When I tried they did not take paypal. Maybe now they would?

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