GP7 Spark Arrestors

Discussion in 'Electo-Motive Division (EMD)' started by Matt Fisher, Feb 27, 2022.

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    Well , I'll be danged.
    They are extensions of the spark arrestors for non turbo charged units we're used to seeing .
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  3. It works this time. That’s a great shot and shows the spark arrestees well. Thanks

  4. The box was just .020 evergreen styrene. The stainless mesh was just stuff I had in my accumulation, I have no idea who or what it may be from. But it’s easy to buy online. eBay has lots of choices in stainless or brass. Plano also offers a few patterns.
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  5. SLSF Freak

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    Well this weekend I made a thing. After looking at several pics of these things I think this is pretty close:

    The shape of the box from top view is about 7.5 x 11.28mm for HO scale. The only thing I couldn't figure from the pics is if those box shaped areas in the bottom corners are open and covered with a fine mesh grill, or if they're just darker from heat (guessing grill but I can't print that fine.) Here's a cropped pic from our archives:
    My GPs are at my dad's house right now so I couldn't play around with these on my units.

    Cheers -Mike
  6. That looks great!
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  7. Matt Fisher

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    OMG those look freaking awesome. Can you make me some?

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  8. SLSF Freak

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    Sure thing - I just need to verify a couple of minor measurements to make sure everything fits right and it should be good to go.

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  9. gjslsffan

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    HO scale too?
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  10. SLSF Freak

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    Yes - I figure if anyone in the group here wants them chances are high it needs to be HO. I did make a version for N Scale as well since I'm an N Scaler and we have a handful of us represented on the board. However I haven't printed that one out yet so it may need to be adjusted.
  11. gjslsffan

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    Ive got a few more GP7's to build and at least one has to have these. Man they are big aren't they. Look like washing machines up there.
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    Thanks for all the great photos. Those are some ugly spark arrestors, but a very cool motorcycle!!!!!!!!! When Joyce and I lived in Colorado we did tons of rail fanning on our motorcycle, but it wasn't as cool as that!!!!

    Paul Moore
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    You're welcome, Paul.

    That was a very rare motorcycle. I wish I had the foresight at the time to hold on to it. In the late 1990s I was fortunate enough to obtain another Jawa 250 ISDT, this time a '73 model. It only had about 60 miles on the odo when I received it and it had the complete spare parts kit that came with a Jawa ISDT. I owned it for over a decade. I made the mistake of riding it in a 2 day vintage event in the Berkshire Mountains out of Dalton, MA in 2oo3. It was a cold, wet, Day 1. The Berkshire mud sand-papered the pristine tank sides down to the bare metal in places. I was heartsick. This eventually led to me selling it. Selling that Jawa, too, was another stupid move. Ah well.


  14. Matt Fisher

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    74E28C2C-B3CA-48B1-9F0F-B60527788158.jpeg My PNC (Ex-Frisco) GP7 #570 with the Spark Arrestors is complete. More photos soon once I get this locomotive back from my custom painting Guru in Florida. The fuel tank needs replaced with a larger tank and he’ll fix it before I get it home
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  15. Matt. That looks great. My dad and I saw a bunch of those at the Precision shop. I have thought about modeling one for years. That turned out very nice.
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  16. Matt Fisher

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    John has to change the fuel tank as it had a larger one. I’ll repost it once he fixes it. But otherwise I’m very happy how it came out, especially the Spark Arrestors. Thanks to all who helped with them.

  17. gstout

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    This is an exceptionally convincing model. Good job!

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  18. Matt Fisher

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    D8ACD282-F12A-4234-AFAA-9C31C4272AEB.jpeg Updated with correct fuel tank.

    Thanks Mike for the 3D printed Spark Arrestors
  19. Looks great
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