GP7 #569 toy to model transformation

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    I decided to build a model of 569 for my little layout. Here is the original as shown on the Frisco Library site.


    I started with a toy HO locomotive that was made in Yugoslavia. It is supposedly a GP9, but it will become a GP7 here.

    This is the toy I started with.


    And after disassembly and paint...


    And how she looks now.


    This is an unpowered model. I decided not to mess with powered stock on this little layout. I normally run RC locomotives, using Deltang equipment, but this time I am enjoying the modeling more than the running.

    I chose the 569 because it looked closest to the toy I started with and because of the date, May 1969 has special significance to me.

    I am collecting images for a decal sheet. I just ordered the decal paper so it will be a while before all those beautiful yellow stripes appear. And, I need to find the proper font for the FRISCO on the side.
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  2. gjslsffan

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    Looks like your off to a good start. May I ask what scale this is? Keep up the good work and please keep posting images as you go.
  3. NevadaBlue

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    Thanks! It is HO scale.
  4. geep07

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    If you are looking for the proper font, go to #87-85. They have striping decals as well, most likely you have to make and cut yellow chevron stripes from it or cut from yellow stock decal sheet that they offer as well.

    Good Luck!

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  5. NevadaBlue

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    Thank you John.
  6. NevadaBlue

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    I got a set of yellow decals from Mask Island Decals for an EMD switch engine today. They will do most of what I want to do on the loco. I will try to duplicate the color so I can print some of my own too.

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