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    This Athearn GP40 was a christmas gift from my Father in 2001. Sadly he passed away in 2002. In the box with the engine he left a note that read, Willie, Detail this and sell it and buy what you want, Merry Christmas.

    It started as an Athearn BB Rio Grande Engine, It has taken me 10 years to finish this one to this level. I stripped it and then washed it, then began adding details and searching here on FRISCo_Org for detail pictures. I wanted this one to be right so after adding all the details and non-factory parts (301 total) I painted, then added Decals, then before I added any weathering, I practiced on about 100 boxcars till I got my technique to my liking. although I need to fix the number board on the front engineers side, I wanted to share this engine with all of you.

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  2. Jim James

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    That's a great story and great modeling. Thanks for sharing that. I'm sure you wouldn't sell that for the world.
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    great looking engine and a great story to go with it. Thats awesome your dad gave it to you to build.

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