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  1. An Atlas unit my dad got a while back that finally made it to the front of the paint shop line. It still needs a horn and strobe. That will be next Enjoy,Steve

  2. Joe Lovett

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    Another treasure from the master of weathering. Great job Steve!!!

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  3. Thanks Joe!!
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  4. meteor910

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    Nice Steve. Glad to see it is not a rust bucket. That wouldn't quite fit our favorite railroad!

    Are you going to add a nose gyralite? Which one do you like to use? - I always used the brass Utah Pacific, but have a new one now that looks better because it is a finer plastic part. I've forgotten who makes it - it's in a plastic bag with no brand name on it! Nice, though.

    What horn will you use? Leslie 3-chime, 5-chime? What strobe?

    You are getting me enthused again. I still have a couple of locos I need to finish, or repair! Our mover back in 2016 did a number on my RI E6, my Frisco austerity cigar band E8 (2006), my PRR S-1, and my Frisco SW1500. The last three are relatively minor, but the Rock E6 needs lots of attention.

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  5. Hey Ken. Thanks. Seems like all the Frisco's 38s. 38-2s. and 40s weathered about the same. No where near as dirty as the Uboats either.
    You will have to forgive me, this one will not get the nose light. It was factory painted and I did not want to butcher it for that. We have the Athearns that have it so it can just be a trailing unit only you guys will know its wrong. Sometimes I just live with it. If it needed paint I would have. Those are a pain to cut in though. I have several brands in my stash. Same with the horns. Like you, I like Utah Pacific stuff if I can find it. The strobes I use are normally the Details West. I did see Athearn sells theirs in packs of 5 or 6 now. I may grab some to try.

    Hope you make your comeback even in the condo!
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  6. Coonskin

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    Very good work on the Frisco '38.

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  7. Thanks Andre!
  8. meteor910

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    Agree, the nose gyralite is a pain in the "A" to install. I developed a simple procedure after a huge failure that messed up a cheap GP38 long ago (Life Like or Model Power???, a mediocre model, a dummy).

    I always used the Utah Pacific brass casting as it is pretty good and has cast on sides that make the fit easier. Still have a few - is it still available?

    First, with a sharp pencil, trace the outline of the required hole to fit the casting by using the casting as a guide - this will result in an outline that is a bit bigger than needed. Remember that! Second, take a drill bit that is smaller in diameter than the width and height of the hole needed for the casting. Then, take a pin vice that is big enough for the drill bit, and carefully and slowly drill out the nose of the opening needed from the top inside of the model, aiming upward a bit, using the inside of the top point of the nose as the drill target. That way, if you are slow, the hole will be centered correctly, top, sides and bottom. Again, drill slowly with the pin vice, and force it to take decent sized bites, and the outside of the nose will not be damaged.

    Then, get out your collection of small files. Carefully, file out the hole such that it approaches the outline drawn earlier on the outside top, sides and front of the nose. But, only approach the pencil outline, as - remember - it is bigger than you need. File the plastic uniformly, such. that you do not go too far in any direction. Test fit the casting often until you achieve a snug fit that still is centered properly. Keep working until it fits in there just right. Wipe off the pencil lines. I'm a big fan of Elmers Glue. It holds reasonably well, does not damage the model or the paint, is water soluble, and allows the part to be removed with no damage if ever needed. I applied the Elmers from the inside of the body shell.

    Paint the brass casting white as it is entirely in the white band on the o/w nose. I only got one of the three I did (GP15-1, two GP38's) perfect. The other two had very thin gaps in a couple locations around the casting, but visible. Using a toothpick, I used the white paint as a filler, which worked very well. I then added a MV jewel to the gyralite, as I never electrified one. They looked good to my eye.

    Someone in has the GP15-1, though I don't remember who bought it.

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  9. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Very nice on the weathering, seen lots of them on the road. They had a wash rack in Springfield, I worked close to it for several months. I worked a lot on the Turntable, close to it. And I dug out the tracks in the fuel facility. That brings a funny one, the Roadmaster told me to dig the subgrade down until there was no oil. I had it five feet deep when he told me to stop. No end in sight.
  10. That’s funny Bill. I laugh every time we are in Newburg at the oil oozing out of the ground in the park where the turntable was. The ground will have oil in it til the end of days.
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  11. meteor910

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    I remember back some time there also was a sofa thrown into the turntable pit. It was sitting there upright but looking forlorn. I often wondered if anybody ever climbed down there on a cool afternoon to take a nap.
  12. friscomike

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    Very nicely done. I had to check the surrounding scenery to determine if it was real or a model. ~mike c
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  13. Thanks Mike!!
  14. Sirfoldalot

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    I'm with Mike's camp. Undeniable one of your best works!
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  15. Thanks! It looks better in person too,but I can’t be too picky about proper sunlight in Ohio right now! Ha
  16. Thanks Tom. Yes, those things fall every time I move it. I will glue them up when I do horn/strobe.
  17. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I seen that myself, but have no idea where

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