GP38-2 SL-SF 400/436

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  1. gjslsffan

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    Didn't care for the trucks under the Genesis GP38-2, so I just stuck some trucks that I know will work the rest of my life without a problem. There was some machine work involved but quite minor. This also allowed me to use Blomberg M trucked side frames under them and 5fwd chime horns (cal-scale 316). Like Ryan had said in another post, I didn't care for the factory sander hoses, so I clipped them off and added the hoses to the trucks.
    The SL-SF 400 has a Silver horn, likely a replacement. There are photos of this loco using this type and color horn.
    The SL-SF 436 I just had to do, as there was a picture that shows it at the QA&P depot. A cal-scale 316 is atop it painted with MM Chevy engine Red. When applying the paint it looks a bit darker than the rest of the loco, but after masking all the windows, and applying a generous coat of MM dull coat to both locos the colors match very well.
    Now, its off to the weathering Laboratory, clean the wheels and remove the masking, and into service they go.
    Thanks for looking!

    002.JPG 004.JPG
  2. Jim James

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    I love all the little detail differences among the prototype engines. Good call on your part. I can't wait to see you add your weathering magic. I just can't bring myself to weather my Athearn Frisco SD40-2. It's too purty and I've never weathered a modern locomotive.
  3. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Here they are all weathered up and ready for service.
    Thanks for looking.

    003.JPG 006.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG
  4. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Really nice looking Tom, you must have rode on a few. Ha Ha ! Lots of guys forget about the horn, yours is right on.
  5. r c h

    r c h Ft Worth - Tulsa Engineer

    Great work, Tom. I love it!

    Once I get some decoders and take care of the nose light, I'll have to get started weathering mine. You sure set the bar pretty high with yours.
  6. meteor910

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    Good lookers Tom! As usual.

  7. Brad Slone

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    Your diesel work is unmatched.

  8. gjslsffan

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    Thanks to all for the comments and input, I am always humbled by the words from you folks, a great bunch of people for sure.

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