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    Good morning all
    I have two Athearn GP15s that I am very happy with except for the horns. I would like to replace them with regular detail parts but I'm a bit confused. I realize that RR constantly changed and moved appliances but I've seen pictures with a 5 chime horn with all bells facing forward and others with 3 forward two facing back, what horns did the Frisco use on there GP15s please? I also want to download the correct sound for the proper horn.
    Thank you much!
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    What road numbers do you have?

    The archive is always a good place to start.

    You can search by the particular road numbers you have and see what the prototypes used.

    The Frisco mostly used Leslie RS5 horns on their locomotives. The 3 forward 2 reverse was most common, but some units had an all 5 forward version.
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    Here's a picture I took of the very first GP15 to arrive in Fort Smith, AR. I am going to venture to say that every one of them came with all the chimes facing forward. Any alteration to any particular unit was made sometime after delivery.


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