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    Message posted previously to the Frisco list server-CLA

    Frisco Folks:
    Some time back, I was thumbing through some of my Frisco literature and began to realize that there is a LOT of interesting modeling fodder out
    there for which I haven't seen models, but wondered if Frisco Folk have modeled any? With the great job that Mike Corley's done on the Frisco Resource Center, now's a great time to post pictures and "how to" instructions on for all Frisco modelers. Who knows - maybe pictures and an article would qualify one for one of the Master Modeler Railroader author requirements - perhaps Richard Napper would know.

    Anyway - as cooler weather nears in the fall and winter, here's a partial list of some of the interesting items and oddities that I personally would be interested in seeing...
    •Brake sleds converted from old steam tenders (X-80, X-82)
    •Steam tenders converted to auxiliary water cars for MOW service (or tank
    cars mounted on flatbeds for same purpose).
    •Any Frisco MOW derricks.
    •HW passenger cars painted in streamline colors with stainless steel
    fluting added (I know Ken McElreath has modeled one of these with great results; there was an old FMIG newsletter article where he gives a few
    tidbits on these cars).
    •HW passenger cars with scale "shadowlines" to mimic the stainless steel
    •E7 Locomotives for "Meteor" and/or "Texas Special" (Tim Cannon, I
    believe you've modeled the latter?).
    •SD-38-2 in 2 batches: the 2 assigned to the Cherokee hump w/dynamic brakes and extra brake cylinders; the 2 assigned to the Tennessee hump with no dynamics but extra brake cylinders.
    •GP35 "torpedo" boats with the modified fuel tanks.
    •wood slanted-cupola caboose
    •1700-class cabeese actually kitbashed from a model of a PS-1 boxcar (both cupola and bay window design) but PLEASE don't destroy one of Kadee's beautiful models!
    •U25 (both high and low-nose models).
    •S-2s in original Northeast Oklahoma (NEO) colors with SL-SF lettering.
    •S-2 #292 cabless "Booster" unit
    •RS-1s with AT&N sublettering.
    •Repowered RS-2s with low short-nose.

    If you've modeled these, but don't have access to scanning the pictures, I would be happy to help (please contact me off list if interested).

    Just some food for thought - I know there are a lot of good Frisco prototype modelers out there who have a lot of interesting items/techniques to share.

    BTW, with Railroad Prototype Modeler meets seeming to gain increasing popularity, any interest in an FMIG RPM sometime down the road?
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    Gwendolyn Robin Tromblee, of St. James, MO, and Bradley Duayn Slone, of Dixon, MO

    Gwendolyn Robin Tromblee, of St. James, MO, and Bradley Duayn Slone, of Dixon, MO announce their engagement and forthcoming marriage. Gwendolyn is the daughter of Tim and Diana Tromblee, of Aleda, IL. Bradley is the son of Duayn and Linda Slone, of Dixon.

    The wedding is planned for March 19, 2005 at 4:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Dixon. A reception for friends will start at 7:00 p.m. All are invited to the reception.

    Brad is a FANTASTIC Frisco modeler. Doug Hughes

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  3. Rick McClellan

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    First marriage, now an MMR. What is next for Brad? :cool: A trip to KC to operate? A possible clinic at the 2010 Frisco Meet?|-| More prize winning models?

    Only Brad knows for sure.

    Brad I saw this in the random photos section and couldn't resist.:D
  4. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    Two points on this:

    (1) In regards to the U30b, we are working with Atlas to mass produce this in HO scale.

    (2) There is going to be an RPM meet in Wchita, KS the first weekend in November and watch for more details in the coming weeks as the local Free-Mo group here has modeled some great scenes from the Wichita Sub.
  5. Brad Slone

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    Whats next for Brad? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Trip to KC to operate, great! Clinic at the 2010 Frisco Meet, why not! More prize winning models, only if my luck and the gas money holds out! Past that, a layout and if Gwen has her way a little Frisco modeler sooner rather than latter!!!!!!

  6. Coonskin

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    "...and if Gwen has her way..."

    She will. :D

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