GE 45 Tonner #11 ???

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    To All:

    There has been discussion on this forum in the past about the possibility of the existence of the 45 ton side-rod switcher #11 at the Watco tank car repair facility in Neodesha, KS. Yesterday while doing some research for my River City RR we noticed that the usually full Watco switch yard was almost empty exposing the locomotive in question in full view. My wife Ronda crossed the tracks and got a shot of it through the chain link fence. It has been patched over with a Watco road number which she couldn't read. Verifying the Serial # would be the only sure way of answering the question. If indeed it is #11 one can see that additional handrails have been added. Also, if the loco actually is #11 and is in running condition having it leave the plant and venture out into the old Frisco yard would mean that Frisco loco in original paint scheme would again run on home rails. What a wonderful thought. Below is the photo, both actual size and cropped.

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