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    OK! As I have mentioned before, I have worked for several railroads over a 14 year period. Well, If any of you remember the run away train that made the National News, The lead engine on that train was CSXT #8888. This story has nothing to do with #8888 but I was working for CSX at the time. Ya'll have probably heard that there is alot of horsing around on the railroads.
    This event takes the cake. My Engineer, Danny, had a thing for passing gas over the engine radio. Well shortly (I'd say within a week or so) after the 8888 took her cross country stroll that put CSX in the eye of a railroad safety hurricane. Danny and I were sitting in a siding at Doswell Virginia awaiting the VRE commuter traffic to stop before they would run us on North back to Baltimore. Doswell on the north end of the siding is a pretty steep grade. We were at the head of a mixed freight with coal at the head end. On this particular engine we did not have a hand set on the engineers side, And I wasn't about to let Danny pass anything into something I was gonna talk into. The Engine was a Wide Cab AC4400 and his radio was up above his head right above the engineers side front windows. Danny was rather tallbut still had to stand in the engineers seat and turn around to put his darieir up to the radio. Well, That is just the action that Danny took and in doing so, he accidently released the train brakes. Now, Danny being as tall as he was, opened his side window, stood upin his seat, and reached behind him to push the PTT button on the radio and was bent over holding onto the frame of his side window with his head and one shoulder outside of the cab window. Just as Danny started breaking wind into the radio, the train rolled in on us and shot Danny head first out his window to the ground below. I was thankful that there was enough air in the reserve tanks because I had to throw the train in emergency because on the hill we were on the independent brakes werent gonna hold us. I pulled the emergency lever on my side and the train stopped, (never got over 2 mph) and Danny, Although a little worse for wear, recovered just fine. A little banged up, was able to get us Back to Baltimore. He also refrained from Fartin in the radio for awhile too.|-|:)|-|:)|-|
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    A bit long-WINDED, but a great visual nonetheless....... :D
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    That story was a real gas (ducks to avoid incoming shoes):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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