Ft. Leonard Wood line

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    Thanks Brad! Do you have any pics of the DOD power based at Ft Wood?

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    Here is a few shots of the Fort's motive power.


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    Thanks Brad! Good looking stuff for the Army - somehow I figured their locomotives would be either black or olive drab colored.

    Does the Army take their loads clear into Newburg, or do they drop them off somewhere still on the Fort branch at Bundy Jct for the BNSF to pick up?

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    Brad Slone wrote Monday, 4/25/11: "There has been very little traffic over the last year..."
    Well, you are likely to see some traffic Tuesday 4/26/11. Some TOFC (TANKS on Flat Cars!) went by westbound on the Cuba Sub around 08:30 at the head end of the merchandiser. I was unable to count and even less able to photograph. Given the state of the laws, those are good circumstances.

    George Nelson

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    Further research suggests, to me, the original South Pacific RR survey may have intended the line to run through Waynesville, (county seat of Pulaski County). Due to the Civil War, Army Control and tunnel cave-in, the second survey took the alignment from Arlington Northwards.

    The ""20 miles of grading, two partially cut tunnels west of Rolla" sort of coincices with the present day I-44 mile markers, Rolla exit # 182, Ft. Leonard Wood exit #163.

    The "two partially cut tunnels" may have been in the general area of TWP 36N, 11W. Sections 3,4,5, and continue wesward into 12 W? These tunnels would get the RR to Roubidous Creek, into Waynewville and on to Springfield.

    Any comments and/or additional information will be sincerely appreciate.
    Should this be posted in the "Map" section, please do so.
    Joe Felin
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    Sorry I missed answering your question way back, guess I just missed it. The Army takes cars back to Bundy and leaves them on a run around siding south of the Piney bridge. The siding has a name although I can't recall it at the moment. The BNSF then backs in on the branch and heads out on either leg of the wye depending were their destination is. We should be finished replacing the small trestles on the west leg by the end of the year, the east leg is complete. The First Iowa Division was down last weekend with their motor cars riding the branch, they have some nice photos of the run on their website.

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    Please write an article on the Ft. Leonard Wood Line for The Meteor, thank you.
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    Guys, for those who look for interesting prototype loads to model. This weekend I was talking to a fellow that worked on Fort Leonard Wood back in the 50's & 60's. He told me they had a ramp that could handle three dump trucks at a time, bear in mind these were old single axle trucks with probably 4 - 5 yd beds. These trucks would go out to the ranges and return loaded full of spent brass casings, they would back up the ramp and dump them loose into an awaiting gondola. He said they would send at least a car a week out loaded, probably heading to a contracted recycler somewhere. Just thought it was kind of an interesting story that I thought some of you would enjoy.

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    Great story Brad ...... what a neat gondola load this would make! What could we use to model spent cartridge casings? Mostly 30-caliber? Any big stuff?

    I had my USO shift this morning at Lambert STL. We had a bunch Fort Leonard Wood Marines coming from FLW going to Okinawa, and then a few Army Engineer troops going back down to FLW. Next time I'm going to ask what all they fire off down there these days.

    I was an Army Engineer Corps ROTC type down at MSM, Rolla - 1960-1962. The only thing they let us shoot was 22-Long Rifle (at Rolla, not at FLW). It would take a long time on the range to fill up a gon with those little brass tid-bits!

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    Stumbled across a few interesting photos taken along the Ft Branch the other day thought I'd share a little, so this is one taken looking south on warehouse row. I have seen this photo before but until now never been able to secure a digital copy of it. There is some very interesting details to be gleamed from it upon closer examination, one of which is the car in the lower right corner. Until I was able to look at it closer I thought it was one of the high center sill stockcars, but it is not. It's a 13000 series boxcar the likes of which I had never seen before and upon looking it up in my ORER I noticed it is listed as a 36' car, which I didn't know the Frisco even had. I thought is was some pretty interesting stuff.

    Brad Ft Wood Yard Small.jpg
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    Never being one who could keep from messing with stuff, I offer this.

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