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    Hello All,

    I am trying to locate some information about the track layout through Claremore Oklahoma. The time frame would be pre-passenger discontinuation (1965) back to about 1950. I am working on a project involving a display layout. This will be a GCMRA Club activity done for a local museum.

    Any and all help finding the appropriate maps of the track and streets would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Dale Baker
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    Thank you very much Sir! I will check those out. We are making just a double loop, but I want to add dummy spurs and sidings if there were any.

    Thank you again,
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    Also consider USGS (United States Geological Servise) Topographic Quadrangle Maps.

    One source is The site is free, easy to use and multiple map years are available. With this source you can zoom or scale in and out on the maps. They provide basic track configurations and footprints of key buildings. Although the maps can be ordered direct from the USGS, map stores and some state agencies, this source permits you to download the map(s) (e-mail, storage device, etc.), take to a local printer and have printed in gray scale or color on large size paper.

    The 1963 quadrangle for Claremore is available at the following link; file://OK_Claremore_705620_1963_24000_geo.pdf.

    Another valuable resource, although limited to more modern dates, is or similar sites. Google Maps includes a "street view" option, again in more modern time frames.

    Do not forget the resources at local, regional and college libraries and museums. They have local historians, history books and photograph collections that are invaluable resources. In addition, consider contacting the local Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, individual industries or their web sites. Company web site often include an "about us", "history" and/or "contact us" option with useful information, photographs and contacts. These may lead to other local individuals or resources with a wealth of information.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for the information. I could not get the link to work, however I will keep trying. I appreciate your effort.



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