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    Is there a Frisco Theme
    like the Union Pacific has it's own theme

    does the Frisco have a Theme/Song?
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    works for me. :cry::D.. when that Frisco train left town...

  3. TAG1014

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    There's another old blues tune that has the first line: "Mean ol' Frisco, Low down Santa Fee..." or words to that effect. Not exactly a Frisco "theme" though. Several old blues and country tunes make mention in passing of the Frisco. One that comes to mind (although I can't recall the lyrics at the moment) is by the Willis Brothers originally from Frisco country in Oklahoma.

    Tom G.
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  4. klrwhizkid

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    In a word, no. Not officially.
  5. Larry Parrish

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    In the CD A Treasury of American Railroad Songs, Ballads, and Folklore (Shiloh Records) there is a song titled "Ballad of the Frisco," written by Lee E. Monroe and sung by Wayne Moore. It does a decent job of celebrating the history and culture of the Frisco. It's not a "theme" song, but it has a snappy refrain that could be used as such for the Frisco! The same CD begins with another song about the Frisco, "Frisco's Tommy Tucker." It is also sung by Wayne Moore and is a set-to-music poem from the next-to-the-last chapter of William Bain's Frisco Folks. The poem, and song, is about an actual event, the collision between a Frisco local passenger train and a gasoline truck near Columbus, Kansas, in September of 1938. This same CD features a picture of a Frisco passenger train headed by engine 1008 in the liner notes and on the front of the CD itself. Some of the songs on the CD are standards, like "City of New Orleans," but there are others that offer glimpses of railroads and railroaders that sound as if they were written by railroaders. Good stuff!
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    There's also a song written and released in 2015 by The Bottle Rockets of Crystal City, Mo titled Ship It On the Frisco about youngsters hitching a ride down the tracks.
    Ship It On the Frisco
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    If you really want to get into railroad songs look up a copy of "Long Steel Rail, The Railroad In American Folksong" by Norm Cohen (ISBN 13-978-025 201 1450. 700 pages.

    Tom G.
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