Frisco SW1500's, SLSF 320, 322, 331, 332 Lindenwood Yd

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    Here are a few more of my primitive snapshots of Frisco power taken at Lindenwood Yard in St Louis from the yard end of the pedestrial bridge over I-44. These pics are all dated March, 1979.

    Lindenwood was assigned several of the new Frisco EMD SW1500's when they were first obtained in 1968/1969, replacing a bunch of old NW2's and VO powered Baldwin VO-1000's at Lindenwood. The SW1500's were the first new switchers purchased by the Frisco in many years. They were all m/u capable, and most often worked yards in pairs - a nice 3000 HP combo. They were also seen in transfer and hump service. Lindenwood was a flat yard - no hump here. The EMD SW1500 was a first class switcher.

    o SLSF 320 - working the yard in m/u with SLSF 322
    o SLSF 322 - with its m/u mate SLSF 320
    o SLSF 331 - working the yard in m/u with SLSF 332
    o SLSF 332 - with its m/u mate SLSF 331.


    ps - the yard office is the building you see at the right.

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    Ken, cracks me up, those two power poles are in almost all your shots! LOL
    Too bad that we did not have zoom, digital camera's back then.
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    They are where they are. The steps on the pedestrian bridge are only about 4 feet wide - can't do much about it.

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    These pictures bring back memories, been there many times, also liked to stand on Arsenal Street Bridge as a kid and watch freight cars slammed together.

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