Frisco Sunnyland on the River Division

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    Thanks, Guys
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    Sherrel, as Greg indicated the Sunnyland on the River Division was a connector between St Louis and Memphis, Trains 807 and 808.
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    I only rode #3, Will Rogers, back to Rolla once, 1963 I think. It was a Sunday morning - had to get back to Rolla early for some reason long forgotten. Normally, I would take #9, The Meteor, back after a weekend at home, arriving around 8:30pm.
    Anyway, I hopped on #3 at StL Union Station and took a seat on the left side of the coach, my usual preference, and looked over to the next track in the train shed. There was #807 along side us. First time I ever saw two SLSF passenger trains side by side! I was hoping we would pull out first so I could get a good look at the entire train along side us, and we did. They only had one coach plus a bunch of head end cars. It was neat pulling by the locomotive - don't remember the number but it was a single unit, an E8 which needed a wash.
    I didn't ride the Frisco every time I came home, usually getting a ride in a car which was quicker, and only cost me a buck or so in gas for the driver. But, I am amazed that the rides I did have on #'s 3, 4, 9, & 10 provided so many wonderful Frisco memories.

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