Frisco Streamlined Passenger Car Diagrams

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    Richard Napper's scans of Frisco Streamlined Passenger Car Diagrams compiled by the Museum. ~mike


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    I am considering replacing the trucks on my Hallmark TS and Meteor cars, but I can't find the type of truck in any post. I know I have read it somewhere, but I have not been able to find it. I have a few questions before I invest that much money. 1. What was the type truck used on the prototype?, 2. Is the truck on the Hallmark cars correct?, 3. Will the Walthers streamlined trucks work on the Hallmark cars?

    The reason I am considering changing the trucks is the trucks have started to come apart at the solder points and won't keep the wheels in position. I thought that if the Hallmark truck is not correct, that rather than trying to repair them, I should just replace them with the correct truck used under the TS and Meteor cars.

    Thanks for any help, Terry
  3. gstout

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    According to the Randall book, the Frisco cars rode on 41-N trucks. These are available through Walthers or fromTrain Station Products.

  4. tmfrisco

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    Thanks, Greg, I have found the GSC 41-N-11 at Walthers and wondered if the (11) meant anything as far as the Frisco goes. I know that I will get the silver truck with clasp brake for the Frisco passenger cars, so now I am still wondering if the Walthers truck will fit the Hallmark cars without much work. I compared a Walthers truck that I already have from one of my plastic cars with the Hallmark truck, and it looks like a better looking truck than the Hallmark truck because the Hallmark truck does not have the brake shoe visible as the Walthers car does. I would have tried the Walthers truck on the Hallmark car, but I have to take the body off of the floor because the Hallmark truck bolt screws into a nut on the inside of the car. I will do that if no one can tell me that the Walthers truck will fit onto the Hallmark car.


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