Frisco RPO cars 2055-2056

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    When (in the early 1960s) were these rebuilt postal cars placed into service, and were they ever used anywhere other than the Birmingham & Memphis RPO on Frisco trains 105-106, or later the same RPO line on trains 101-102?

    These cars were apparently switched into the southbound train at Memphis, and out of the northbound train, with a 200 series RPO-baggage car being used west of Memphis on the KC & Memphis RPO. Did this arrangement of switching out RPO cars in Memphis continue until RPO service ended in 1967?

    Sometime in 1967, at least one of these cars was sold to the N&W, becoming N&W 160. Is the date of sale known? Were they ever in regular use on the N&W before all RPO service ended?


    Bill Pollard
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    They were rebuilt in 1962. 2055 in August (ex-224) and 2056 in November (ex-225). They were probably put in service as soon as possible. 2055 became MW #108251, Jan. 69 and 2056 became MW#109124, Dec. 70. One of those was a "Shower and Toilet" car. They were always used on 105-106 from Memphis to B'ham--Not sure how they were used on 101-102??
    An ex RPO clerk told me that during the Post Office Christmas rush, they sometimes ran the entire KC-Birmingham route. Also when they were down for maintenance, the Frisco ran two 30' RPO's end-to-end (postal apartment to postal aprtment) as stand-ins.

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    Tom -- Thanks for the detailed information on these cars. Based on the information you provided and other research, it appears that N&W RPO 160 was a former Wabash car, not Frisco.

    RPO schedules for Frisco trains 101-102 as late as September 1966 show 60-foot RPO compartments still being used between Birmingham and Memphis, and indeed Frisco cars 2055-2056 are still listed in the Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment in March 1967. The Birm & Memphis RPO was discontinued August 19, 1967, so it seems likely that these cars remained in service until the end.

    Bill Pollard

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