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  1. geep07

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    There is a old video titled Frisco Railroad F-Unit Cab Ride by Bill Wirtel on You Tube.

    A bit jumpy at first, but good shots pulling into yard downtown St. Louis, Lindenwood Yard.
  2. gjslsffan

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    A neat ride. Sure shows you how much rail infrastructure was in place back in the day. I mean there were switches and industries everywhere, and that trackage into the passenger stations. Can you imagine the workforce just to maintain all those double slip switches alone?
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    At 1:27 in the video, Missouri Utilities in Cape Girardeau is on the left and the north end of the floodwall in Cape is ahead. At 1:59 the train is on the Freeze siding at Cape Rock. At 2:35 North Freeze. At 3:06 Trail of Tears State Park. At 12:38 it looks like Chaffee, MO. At 13:27 I recognize Engineer Clifford Pobst stepping out of the E8A on the Sunnyland.
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    And early on in the video, we see the "Headless Humpster", Alco S-2 SLSF 292, at work as a "booster unit" on the hump at TN Yard. Neat! I've seen and have several pics of 292, but never have seen it in action on a video. Cool!
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  5. pensive

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    Here are the trains and places that I recognized in the film:

    1:56 Missouri Pacific freight
    5:49 Frisco freight in siding
    6:38 Passenger train
    7:05 Crystal City
    7:10 PPG factory
    7:42 pedestrian bridge
    8:15 Highway 61 on right
    9:12 Meramec River bridge
    9:43 Lindenwood Yard
    10:15 Union Station
    11:16 Tower Grove station
    11:44 Scullen Steel
    11:54 Fyler Ave. bridge
    12:11 Southeast Junction

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  6. geep07

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    Here are the places that I recognize in the film:

    11:32 Arched overpass was Hampton Ave. Now replaced with a modern structure.
    11:38 Dutch Boy Paint. Still There!
    11:47 Ammunition Plant. Used as a warehouse now.
    11:53 Arsenal St. overpass. Now replaced as a modern structure.
    11:55 Fyler Ave. bridge. Gone.
    12:05 Laclede Gas storage tanks. Gone.


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