Frisco old map shows the survey'd line Salem, MO to Salem , AR

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    That line would have been built as the St. Louis and Little Rock Railroad. As was typical, a large railroad would form a separate company to take the risk of building an adjunct route and upon its completion and success, would merge it into the parent company.
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  3. South of West Plains, where would this have gone? Salem by Little Rock? Or the Salem on Highway 412 west of Ash Flat ?
  4. South of West Plains the ROW would be heading south to Melbourne, AR. and would be pointed towards Little Rock some how.
    Getting through all those northern Arkansas mountains would have required some
    wiggling instead of just a straight line.
    A straight line would have been West Plains, south to ~ west of Salem (crossing 412/62), south to Oxford, south to Melbourne (which was likely a target).
    Farther south would be a problem for many reasons (big mountains in the way; .... competition with the White River Division of the
    St.L.I.M & S, the M&NA, later with the Missouri Pacific; etc. ).

    Todd, you know that area well having lived there.
    Big mountains, difficultly constructions and
    getting way into those areas of Arkansas could of had some cultural problems....?....
    Employee unions' history of serious strikes (M&NA, MV, C.O&G, LR&T, StLIM&S.....)
    .... and engineers would have to had a dynamic southern accent? ha, ha, !
  5. Todd,
    I have seen several other Dream St. Louis Salem and Little Rock maps with
    slightly other possible route variations.

    This one is,0.394,1.51,0.619,0 1873.
    These Could Be Maps could be used to find more investors? or Who well buy my railroad?

    Atlantic & Pacific Map ~ 1872. It does show the
    1852 Pacific South West Branch Land Grant, the
    Atlantic & Pacific Act of Congress, July 27, 1866 southwest of Springfield
    and the land grant of 42 million acres, in Arizona and New Mexico.
    This dream route from Salem into Arkansas is not specific.,0.623,0.409,0.168,0

    New commercial and topographical rail road map & guide of Missouri is more specific,0.37,0.169,0.069,0 1872

    Part of the Library of Congress;
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