Frisco/MoP interchange - Lamar, MO

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    Attached are pictures of the track arrangement for the Frisco/MoP diamond, interchange track and MFA elevator siding at Lamar, Mo taken 3/25/2010.

    Pictures 6668, 6673 View East L-R, MFA siding, Interchange, Frisco main

    Pictures 6669, 6672 View West L-R, Frisco main, Interchange, MFA siding

    Pictures 6674, 6675 View NW, Derail details, Interchange, MFA siding

    Picture 6680 View North, MoP main, MFA siding

    Picture 6686 View North, MoP main, Interchange

    Picture 6688 View South, MoP Main, diamond in distance

    Picture 6691 View NW from Frisco main, Sign on Interchange reads,

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    I am with the Barton County Historical Society here in Lamar and I came across this thread looking for old photos of the 2 depots that used to be here. I am not sure what you guys are looking for but I have some aerial photos here:

    A few of the have some of the exchanges you are talking about. LMK if you want to see some hi res photos. I also have some older aerial photos that I have not POSTED.
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    Joe, small world in Lamar, MO.

    Keith took these pictures for Rick McClellan. His layout is the Frisco Northern division, and of the few towns along the Ash Grove sub, he chose to include Lamar. I think between the info and "maps" that I suplied him (from my grandpa) and the photo's Keith took I think it will be pretty good. He has started on it, but I don't know how far along he is. I will hacve to check out the aerial photos you posted.
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    Thank you for posting these photographs.

    It is cool to see the interlocking tower that protected the diamond crossing between the Frisco and the Missouri Pacific (MP) in the last 3 photographs. The tower sat on the southwest quadrant of the diamond crossing. The dated photographs indicate the elevator was constructed after 1952. It also had a later addition.

    Does anyone know when the Lamar interlocking tower was retired and demolished?

    Hope this helps.


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    Built in 1911 closed about 1970.
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    Dale, thanks for posting and cross-referencing.

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