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Discussion in 'General' started by w3hodoug, Dec 20, 2019.

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    Good to see the 577 still hard at it out on the Quanah lines. Sounds like it's lived a hard life: Prime mover replaced, second set of wheels, etc!

    Thanks very much for the offer, however, I hope I never see the 577 arriving on my property! (Live long and prosper!) It looks nice after your mods to bring into a more modern era.

    When I want to bad enough, I can paint/decal/weather up some Frisco stuff... it's just gettin' one of the round tuit things. However, I still don't have nearly enough KC&G engines w/livery in service... that's where my priority truly needs to be. I was certainly interested in getting those three Frisco Geeps back I mentioned (IF they were in very close to the same shape/config they were when they left me), but even at that, I'd have to purchase/install good sound decoders... so they would not have been immediate additions to the roster.

    No, my priority needs to be KC&G power w/DCC and sound. Speaking of which, time to start thinking in terms of sending another pair of KC&G engines to Whiz Kid so he can do his thing to them.

    Okay, I've drifted this thread long enough. (Sorry 'bout that.) Time for me to shut up and let it get back to its original topic.

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    Latest update is attached - three of us (Ming, Robinson, Hughes) have models of 152 diesels (+ steam generator car) and 24 steam. Feel free to add yours and post with an updated version number. This is V4.

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    I don’t know why you made me think of this. Makes me think of a panhandler standing on a corner holding a sign : “Will trade for steam.”

  4. w3hodoug

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    Brad Slone's extensive HO steam roster has been added for V5. Keep them coming.

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  5. Joe Lovett

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    I have an Excel file for N scale Frisco locomotives if you want me to post it.

    The N Scale Manufactured Releases Matrix has all of the Frisco items that have been released over the years, there are about 440 items total.

  6. w3hodoug

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    Only those you have - thanks.
  7. w3hodoug

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    Joe, the Excel file of N-scale Frisco locomotives would be an excellent post. Doug
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  8. w3hodoug

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    Don't forget to add your roster to the spread sheet and to use it for any future paint/decal project in order to avoid using a R/N already "in service." Doug

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