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Discussion in 'Support' started by ROAgjf, May 16, 2022.

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    Is there a magazine that publishes articles on Frisco operations in the past? I am working on one entitled "High Noon on the Frisco 50 Years Ago: 12:01 pm, January 4, 1973." Denny Jeter, former Frisco Dispatcher, will be helping me interpret the eight Chief Dispatcher's Work Sheets I have for that date. I hope to locate and describe each of the trains (as many as 80) on the railroad at that time as well comment on the operating pattern in general as well as describe some of the yards and points of interest. This is a large undertaking and I would like to be able to see it in print. Your suggestions?
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    White River's Trains and Railroads of the Past and Kalmbach's Classic Trains magazines are both potential markets. Alas! there is no SLSF-specific magazine.
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    Try the NMRA magazine.
  4. When its published, announce it here!

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