FRISCO Historical and Modeling Society Convention this weekend in Springfield, MO

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  1. friscomike

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    FRISCO-Convention-2011-flyer-2---web (1).jpg

    Howdy folks,

    This year's convention is hosted by Ron Williams and the Springfiel
    d folks. The convention site is Frisco Crossing, the former Frisco Headquarters Building at 3253 East Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO. Registration is from 7-9 AM Saturday morning.

    Clinicians include Dr. Mike Condren, Charlie Dischinger, Pat Hiatte, Jim Senese, Bradley Scott, and Ron Williams. Tours of the musem (4524), Rail Operations at Springfield Underground, door prizes and swap tables make this the an exciting weekend of Frisco flair.

    If you have
    n't done so already, you can register at the event

    Happy rails,
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  2. MKfred55

    MKfred55 Mk junction Fred

    $25 is too much for me. Hope everyone else has fun.
  3. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    $25.00 is a nice price in the 21st Century! Everything continues to increase in price and will even more so in the future as we run out of raw materials. Model railroaders aren´t excluded either! I can´t get away from Germany to attend account health problems keeping me close to home. I will be there in spirit and wish all of you the FFF time of your life as you enjoy the companionship with fellow Frisco railfans. There are countless historical socities the world over and though I belong to only I think I can say that you folks at Frisco are on top of the list!

    It is a real pleasure to chat with y´all and to be included as a member despite the crow I have had to eat since getting on board. I didn´t know I could cook this good!

    Joe Toth
    The Trinity River Bottoms Boomer of Dallas, Texas
    Derailed in Deutschland
  4. mark

    mark Member


    The $30.00 investment, it is after the 9/1/11 preregistration deadline, is way cheep.

    If you have ever attended an industry trade show, NMRA National or Regional, Narrow Gage or other convention this must be the best deal of the century. Compare it to movie, a dinner out or other outing with a significant other, going to Branson, Silver Dollar City, etc and again The Frisco Convention is a real bargain. There are not many, if any, entertainment opportunities where you get more for your money for 3 days of fun and fellowship! The main convention is Saturday, but that is not all. The fun extends to Friday and Sunday operating sessions on Frisco layouts. Heck just visiting with other Fantastic Frisco Folks is worth the low price of admission.

    And better yet, it is in your backyard! You would not have travel, hotel or other expenses. I know of folks coming from at least the states of AR, KS, MO, OK and TX. We will all learn cool Frisco stuff, have lots of laughs and develop new friends.

    We strongly encourage you to reconsider attending! Come out, meet some of the finest Frisco Folks from around the country. You will not be disappointed!

    Hope to see you all there. We are on our way!

    Hope this helps.


  5. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    I echo Mark's assessment of the investment value. Please come and join us. The more the merrier!
  6. Iantha_Branch

    Iantha_Branch Member

    Got home a little bit ago and had super. Now to go through and play with all my new purchases. I had a blast this year and hope every one else did. Nice to finally put names with faces.

  7. klrwhizkid

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    My hat's off to Ron Williams, Ron White, Louis Griesemer and Charlie Dischinger for a fantastic convention. Those that chose not to attend are sorry they missed. For those who would have and could not due to circumstances, I'm sorry you missed.
  8. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    INDEED! Very sincere thanks to Ron Williams, Ron White, Louis Griesemer and Charlie D for a GREAT EVENT. All of it was good. Plus, inviting a panel of former Frisco employees was a great idea and was a very enjoyable hour spent! That elderly gent was a HOOT!!!

    Can't thank the the Springfield Bunch enough for all their hard work. It was first class all the way.

  9. Bruce Adams

    Bruce Adams Member

    I echo the previous comments. The convention was great, from the city to the venue, from the presentations to the side trips. Thank you for a great weekend.
  10. JamesP

    JamesP James Pekarek

    The convention was great from start to finish; let me add my thanks to all who made it possible! I was impressed with the quality and depth of ALL the presentations, I thoroughly enjoyed every single one. I would also like to tip my hat to the Railroad Historical Museum - not only have they done a fantastic job on #4524 (setting aside our whitewall opinions, please :)), but they were kind enough to stay late to accomodate all of us convention attendees that wanted to visit & gawk.

    Thank you to everyone!
  11. mark

    mark Member

    Ron, Ron, Ray, Louis, Charlie and Joan,

    Thank you each very much!

    The convention operation sessions, speakers, swap meet, tours, meals, facilities and ladies activities were all fantastic! We had the opportunity to visit with many friends and make several new new ones! A wonderful weekend was had by all and could not have been better. And it was not just the guys who had all the fun. The ladies also had a very enjoyable time on their tours, shopping and dining activities.

    It just goes to show the our group of Fine Frisco Folks are an outstanding bunch of people. If you missed this event you really missed another great one. Start planning now for the next event as each and everyone can anticipate another fantastic gathering with wonderful fellowship, cool stuff, new friends, lots of information, neat stories and best of all fun with a terrific bunch of folks!

    Hope this helps.


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  12. Brad Slone

    Brad Slone Member Supporter

    Thanks to everyone involved with this years convention, great time, great place, great people. Looking forward to next year, wherever it ends up being held.

    Brad Slone
  13. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    Is anyone going to post pictures?
  14. friscomike

    friscomike Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    @ Don, yes, I'll post pictures. I just arrived home last night and have a day long commitment. Tomorrow, I'll post them in the convention section. I think several others took photos, too. ~mike
  15. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    Wow, what a time I had! I actually wasn't going to come until Ron Williams, Jim Senese, and Keith Robinson all convinced me that I would be taken care of if I did. Boy, were they right and then some! As my condition becomes more challenging, I realize that there are many things in life that are taken for granted by most people that I really want to do and therefore become very special to me. I then find myself having to pick and choose the ones that I feel that I can handle. This weekend was at the top of the list for a long time. Some of you may have noticed that I left Saturday night after Charlie's multi-media show and after getting in the car changed my mind and came back in for another hour and enjoyed Ron's presentation that was moved back from the afternoon due to time constraints. Speaking of my wife Ronda, none of this could have been possible without her as she encouraged me to go from the very beginning and got rewarded herself with a great day with some very nice ladies shopping and exploring. She never says no to me when it involves my beloved Frisco including things like driving me to events, loading and unloading the car, and taking pictures for me including the one of the hopper you saw posted at Carona.

    Thanks again to everyone who made my experience a rewarding one.
  16. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    Dr. Mike Condren has posted some pictures from the Frisco Festival weekend on his website but they are somewhat hard to locate. Here is the path.

    (1) Go back to the portal page of this website and on left side click on the "Mike Condren's Website" link.
    (2) Scroll down to the banner on the left that is the registration page of the Festival or Convention. Put your cursor on top of it and click. You should then be there.
    (3) You can also click on the West Shops: 100 Years, Springfield, MO, Sept. 17th, 2011 lettering to the right side of it to see his PowerPoint presentation from that day.

    In other words, there are two different links.

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