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    February 1940. "Railway workmen with handcar. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma." Photo by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.

    These two Frisco Railway employees work hard all day long. Getting to and from work on a hand car was part of the labor, as there is no clutch on this machine. If you stop pumping the handles, it slows down. These guys are carrying tools to correct small track defects - a jack, maul, shovels, spike puller under the rear of the deck, a lining bar under the front. There must be a track bolt wrench on the other side of the deck next to the track gauge. SAFETY FIRST, BOYS, mind the loose tools under your feet while you pump your way along the track!

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    I wonder if the photo wasn’t posed...
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    I didn’t write that corny caption! It was in the download !

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