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    Many of you may remember the Frisco Hand Car that sat in front of the McDonalds resturant on South Campbell in Springfield. I made the store owner an offer for the car back in 1992 and a deal was made. I restored the car in early 1993 using an original set of Sheffield car plans. The car has been on loan ever since. I recently built a detached shop and brought the car to Texas a few weeks ago. I also included a shot of a Pyle National headlight restored to represent the 4301's. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

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    That is a great piece of equipment. Very nice job on the restoration.

    What is the story on the speeder in the photo?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wichita Falls TX
  3. TAG1014

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    What about the "speeder" motor car? History etc?

    Thanks, Tom
  4. bob_wintle

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    Thanks for allowing the Heartlands group display your handcar these past years. It was truely an asset to that museum. I always enjoyed seeing her each time I went to Carona and have fond memories of her.
    Bob Wintle
    Parsons, Ks.
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    The track car is a Fairmont MT14. The car has a build date of March 13, 1980 for Frisco and was originally shipped to Tulsa. The car was purchased from BN in the mid '80's by a friend of mine and picked up at Oklahoma City. I restored the car in 2004-5. It is a strong runner. I have put almost 700 miles on the car since restoration. I have managed to make two trips on ex SLSF rail--Antlers, OK to Paris, TX and Mustang, OK to Cyril, OK.
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    Too bad you missed out on the Clinton OK to Snyder OK run this past Spring, if I remember.

    You have an outstanding collection!

    Wichita Falls TX
  7. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger deceased)

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    Very nice Jeff! Shows a lot of talent!

    I like the way you have the display put together with the REA signs, Frisco train board sign, caboose door, etc.

    Thanks for sharing,
  8. You have a great collection of Frisco stuff there!!! Any idea what model/make the handcar is? It would be cool to see some builders plans for that car.
    Great work on the restoration!!!
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    Ummm, could you take a close up photo of the train schedule board???? Pretty please???
  10. frisco1522

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    That headlight has a familiar look to it. If you see one that's restorable, Jim Herron is looking for one to replace the incorrect light on the 3749 down in Parrish, FL. He's taking charge of getting rid of the hideous look on her and restoring her to her Frisco livery.
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    S2 030.JPG S2 029.JPG S2 028.JPG S2 027.JPG The hand car is a Sheffield No. 1 circa 1910. The gear guard is embossed "Sheffield Car Co. Mfgrs., Three Rivers, Mich.". I used a set of Sheffield working drawings for the restoration. Attached are photos of my arrival/departure board collection. Left to Right, my own attempt using an original Rock Island board beyond repair, originals from Fordland, Osceola and Clinton (this board was inside the depot waiting room. Jeff
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    That's all good stuff there! What a great group of items to own.
  13. JamesP

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    I always wondered where that handcar went, I am very happy to see it so well preserved and in good hands! Very nice collection and display. I used to have an M-19 Fairmont off the NEO, but sold it to help finance my first live steam locomotive. I do still have the engine off a Frisco Buda motor velocipede in the depot, though. Anyway, thanks for sharing your pictures!
  14. Oldguy

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
  15. Thanks Jeff, for the info on the handcar. Neat how much the arrival/departure boards differ in size. I'd like to make a fake one for my new train room I'm working on. Thats a great collection there and thanks again for the info.
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    How did you come about those arrival boards for the Clinton sub? Great find!
  17. frisco4301

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    The boards had been on display at the Frisco museum in Springfield. I acquired them after the museum went defunt. The Clinton board had been on my priority list for a long time and thankfully the opportunity finally presented itself. I have had one other board that I am fairly certain came from Rolla. I unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) let that one get caught up in a trade. Jeff
  18. Is that a caboose door of one of the 1100 series cabooses? If so, could you give me the measurements on it. I'm gonna make some scale drawings of that series of cars.
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    Murphy, sorry for the late response. Yes, the caboose door is off the 115. The dims are 24" wide, 72" tall. If you need the dims of the panels, let me know. Jeff
  20. Thank you, for the info Jeff.

    The I would like to know the panel dims if you got time. I have 4 months to complete the drawing(it is for one of my college classes) so I'm in no hurry. I wish I could measure the 1160 here in Ft. Smith, but they got it locked up behind a fence so I'm just going of some pics, and basic drawings of other cars in the series.

    Thanks again

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