Frisco FP7 in Z scale

Discussion in 'Z Scale' started by Joseph Toth, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Anyone considereing the construction of a layout in Z scale and modeling the Frisco has a fairly good selection of motive power available on the market today.

    MicroTrains has released their GP35 for the Frisco in b/y for example. Anyone desiring an FP7 should look at the Märklin F7 A unit. It is a tad longer than MircoTrains version which was manufactured to fit the frame of a German Federal Rys. electric locomotive. The Blomberg trucks were also lenghened not unlike the American Flyer GP7 which fit the PA frame. It will pass for an acceptable FP7.

    Jerry Glow will even produce Z scale decals! This is truly the Golden Age of model railroading. Never before has a modeler had the possibility to model in any scale from Z to G with such a wealth of products on the market to choose from. It just gets better!

    Joe Toth

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