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Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by trains1504, Dec 16, 2015.

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    In the past I have seen a picture of a Frisco Outside Braced Boxcar that was stripped of it's wood sides and made into a display car to show shippers how cars were loaded. I believe that the sides were of chicken wire but I am not sure about that. Was curious if anyone else has seen that picture and would maybe know where I could find a copy of the photo. I would love to try to model that for my HO layout...

    Mark Haun
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    I've not seen a Frisco version of this car but it sounds a lot like a Santa Fe car I learned about last year:

    Here is info I pulled about it from an old newspaper article as it toured: "Through the Plexiglass sidings, employees can view the consequences of Improper car handling or failure to properly stow and secure freight. Officials said that the 3-D's to be avoided in freight car handling are: "Damage by impact, damage by shift and damage by breakage." In demonstration, the transparent car permits a clear view of the results of improper handling. These demonstrations, in charge of a group of officials, will be held at the terminals and major yards of the Gulf lines. The new 3-D transparent car was built by the Santa Fe as another advance in the systemwide efforts to prevent damage. The car is a modification of a standard 40-foot box car with the steel sheathing and wood lining replaced by Plexi-glass sheathing and metal screen which permits observation of what happens inside a car subjected to overspeed impacts. A large-sized speedometer dial has been installed in a side of the car and with a speed recorder operated off the car axle, indicates the speed at time of coupling. To provide demonstrations for night crews the car has interior flood lights powered by batteries installed in a possum-belly of the car. Protection for the transparent sheathing while the car is moving from one terminal to another is provided by detachable panels. It was also fitted with lading anchors at the Santa Fe Topeka shops."

    If anyone does find one from Frisco I'd be interested in learning more about it as well!

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    Thanks for the info on the Santa Fe car. Will definitely forward any info that I find on the Frisco car as soon as I find it.

    Mark H
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    I finally found that illusive photo that I was looking for of the Frisco's version of the Santa Fe car that you posted but here it is. The road number is SLSF 6000 and it is actually called an impact car.


    Can't believe I found it but here it is.

    Mark H
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    Wow, that's AWESOME! Amazing find. I feel like I need to build this now.

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    Special run, special run.... oh, wait.
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    Very neat stuff. It sounds like this would have been for training purposes? No pun intended - really.

    If you break training down into a simple matter of "Tell - Show - Do," this would seem to very effectively capture the "show" part.
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    Neat, thanks! I'd not seen this before, nor even knew about it. Just proves how great this site is!


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