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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here is a photo of the Frisco Depot in Rogers, Ar

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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  2. Here is a Postcard of the Frisco depot Rogers Ark


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    Can anyone tell me where the train turntable was located at in Rogers,Ar. Where did they work on the trains at here. Does anyone have pictures of what it looked like back in 1890-1960. Is so email at
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    Can anyone tell me the street location of the Rogers, Arkansas depot that had the Harvey House next to it? I understand it was on the west side of the tracks. For example, in the top picture under this thread, what street would that be in the foreground? I would also be interested in knowing what the name of the street is in the foreground of the picture of the locomotive with the later brick depot behind it. I heard the two depots were in different places, but I can't pin down where. Many thanks!

    A new guy,

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    "Union Station, Rogers, Ark." Note news stand.

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    :) Rogers, Ar Station - 1923 Sanborn map

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    :) Rogers, Ar 2009
    New station & Frisco Station (now a warehouse)

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    Just got eyes on the ground on Saturday, but I can confirm the 1977 Freight Depot was demolished sometime late 2019. RIP nondescript structure.

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