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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here some photos of the Frisco Depot in Lebanon, Mo

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

    Frisco Depot Lebanon, MO.jpg Frisco Depot Lebanon, Mo 1.jpg
  2. Lebanon Mo Station


    Frisco Depot Lebanon, Mo 3.jpg Frisco Depot Lebanon, Mo 4.jpg
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    :) Lebanon, Mo Station - 1886 & 1910 Sanborn Maps & old postcard

    Lebanon, Mo 1886 b.jpg Lebanon, Mo 1910 b.jpg Frisco Depot Lebanon, Mo 1911.jpg
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    :) Lebanon, Mo Station 1970's

    Lebanon, Mo 1970's I.jpg
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    When was the Lebanon depot taken down? Anybody know?

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    Anybody have a floor plan of the Lebanon Depot they would be willing to scan or share? Thanks.

    Brad Slone
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    Brad, do you have Ron Williams' contact info? I am pretty sure he has dimensioned drawings of the Lebanon depot.
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    Attached are a site and floor plan. I can't remember where I got the dimensions, but I had drawn it in AutoCad decades ago. I found the .dwg files, and a colleague converted them for me. I think the basic depot is very close in size to the AT&SF brick depot that Dr. Logan Holtgrewe scratch built for a clinic at the 1984 NMRA National in Kansas City and that Walthers later introduced as an HO kit. Logan's two-part article appeared in two successive issues of Model Railroader back in March & April 1986. One was in the same issue as the first feature on George Sellos' Franklin & South Manchester (FSM!). The Lebanon depot was 8-1/4" hollow tile walls where Logan's Girard, KS Santa Fe depot was brick. He used H&R brick sheet. They probably have tile sheet too. The attached freight house should be easy to scratch build. There are four photos of the depot on that Missouri Depots web site. Google it. The ones above are better and show at least three different configurations.

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