Frisco Depot Floor Plans are now online

Discussion in 'General' started by Monett, Oct 26, 2011.

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    The depot floor plans that were in the Frisco Museum have been digitized and are now online at Mike Condren's website. The originals have been given to the MSU Meyer Library in Springfield MO, and are available for viewing in the archive section.

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    Awesome. Thank you. What is Mike C's website addy?
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    You can use the "Mike Condren's Website" link under "Links" above on the homepage. Then scroll down on Mike's homepage. The link to the floor plans is near the bottom.
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    Louis, thanks very much for the heads-up. I can not even begin to describe how excited I am at seeing these - it's the first time I've found anything (floor plans or otherwise) for the depot at Brooks Junction, MO and Pascola, MO on the River Division.

    This news certainly helps to brighten a rainy day!

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    Very awesome! I used the Zalma plans for my depot model.
  7. It looks like digitized Frisco depot plans may now be found in several websites. In addition to the source mentioned above, the Missouri State University library's special collections department now has Frisco depot plans in their online digitized collections.

    Scroll down the alphabet to "Frisco". This is also the online repository for the scanned Frisco 1900-1910 era paint diagrams that have been mentioned before in this forum, and an online display of "Frisco travel" miscellanea.

    I'm glad to see information like this available in multiple places, since it reduces our dependence on any one source. "Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe" -- the LOCKSS principle.
  8. Here are Links @ Univ MO digital Library Link to SLSF Depot Floor Plans

    From here one can access most Missouri divisions: https://digitalcollections.missouri...souri/field/locati/mode/exact/conn/and/page/1

    For example, Missouri and other states can be accessed;

    Divisions will have a cover page, and the next page is a list of depots.
    Station Index [a Missouri example]

    These are black on white depot floor plans are for the Eastern Division. These are easy to read.
    Frisco Lines Eastern Division floor plans of station buildings - Copy 1

    You can also get access to Blue Prints; Frisco Lines Eastern Division floor plans of station buildings - Copy 2. These are hard to read.

    Copies 1 & 2 have some different years.

    For more information on using these images, contact Special Collections and Archives, Missouri State University:
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    Those are not at the University of Missouri (which has campuses in St Louis, Columbia, Rolla and Kansas City); they are at Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University) in Springfield, Mo.
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    Now if there were only photos of all of them..................
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    Rather than rely on them being kept on other websites, I am working toward getting them all here. I also am working toward adding ones that Mike Condren and Richard Napper did not have, thanks to the Ron Williams collection. Lots of scanning involved.
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