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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the Frisco Passenger car Floor plans and other car information?? Our museum (The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum)has a couple of Frisco heavyweight cars that I would very much like some information on. We have buffet lounge 1603, and coach 1062. We dont have a frisco floor plan or any information about the coach. We dont even know when it was built. If there is a frisco floor plan book on passenger equipment, we would like to have a photo copy of it for our library.

    Are there any good books available on Frisco Passenger cars? It seems like there are books published on nearly every railroads passenger equipment except the Frisco.

    Anyone got any information that would help us?

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  2. So no one here has or knows where a copy of Frisco's passenger car floor plans and information can be obtained?? Surely on a Frisco site, someone knows where these can be obtained. This site was just about my last resort in trying to find a copy of this as no one else I have contacted has these.

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    HI Jeff,

    There is a book of plans, well, general arrangement drawings, but I haven't had time to check and see if my copy has the plans you're interested in.

    The book I have was a reprint provided by the now defunct Frisco Railroad museum. It may be possible to obtain a copy from the current owners of the Frisco Museum's collection. You may want to contact Louis Griesmer at Springfield Underground ( ). Louis is a Model Railroader and Frisco Fan who is one of the directors of the company. He arranged for Springfield Underground to save the collection.

    Another source may be the library at the University of Missouri Rolla. They have a large portion of the Frisco's corporate records.

    I hope this helps,
  4. You could also contact the archives/special collections department of the library at Missouri State University. They've received some of the material that Mr. Griesmer/Springfield Underground rescued from the wreck of the Museum. I've dealt with archivist Anne Baker, and she was quite helpful, even though much of the collection has not yet been cataloged.

    Bradley A. Scott
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    Scanned and posted on this web site.
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